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How to control the viscosity of the slurry when the grouting pump grouting

2018-03-19 17:08:28

It is very important to control the viscosity of the slurry when using the grouting pump to grouting. The viscosity of the good slurry not only saves time and labor, but also significantly improves the grouting quality. Next we will talk about how to control the viscosity of the slurry from the aspects of time and adding water.

1. Control the viscosity of the slurry from the time

In the use of grouting machine grouting, we must correctly control the setting time, to control the solidification time range, if it exceeds this range will affect the quality of the slurry, the slurry solidification time is divided into two parts, the initial setting and final coagulation, The initial setting is from the heating of the slurry to the loss of fluidity of the slurry. The final setting is from the initial setting to the final setting of the slurry. Grouting using a grouting machine must strictly control the initial setting and final setting time of the slurry, neither of which can be too long or too short. The solidification time must be within a suitable range.

2. Control the viscosity of the slurry from the added water

Another important factor that affects the solidification of the slurry when grouting with a grouting pump is the addition of water. The role of water addition is mainly two aspects. The first is the chemical reaction with the cement minerals, resulting in hardening and strength, the second is to ensure that the slurry has a certain degree of mobility for construction. When using the grouting machine to add grouting, the water can’t be too much or too little. If too much, the solidification time of the slurry will be greatly delayed, resulting in the decrease of the strength of the slurry. If too little water is added, solidification will not occur and the slurry will be loose and seriously affected. The strength of the slurry, so controlling the consistency of the slurry from the addition of water is quite critical. 

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