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China hydroseeder for sale

2018-03-16 16:00:50

China hydroseeder is a kind of advanced vegetation greening equipment, which is divided into the custom soil sprayer and the hydraulic sprayer. It was first introduced from abroad, and was quickly used in the national highway greening industry. With the development of sprayer technology, our company is now fully capable of independent research. The sprayer produced by the company can be widely used in the slope greening of highways, railways, slope protection, mountain governance, desertification, landfill disposal and other projects.

Characteristics of hydroseeder:

The soil and soil spraying is a new greening method. The greening grass seed and water-retaining agent, binder, and fertilizer are mixed in the mixing vessel with water to form a jelly-like mixed slurry, which is sprayed and broadcasted by a pressure pump, on the land. Because the mixed slurry contains water-retaining materials and various nutrients to ensure the sources of water and other nutrients needed for plant growth, the plants can grow healthily and rapidly, and are suitable for large-scale greening operations, especially in the absence of irrigation due to drought. The area is characterized by the following:

1. The whole frame of the machine is carefully welded with 120 channel steel. The tank body is made of 5mm steel plate. The key part at the bottom of the tank body is reinforced with a thickened 20mm steel plate to ensure that the whole machine is durable and stable;

2. In the inlet of the pump, there is a special spiral stirring conveying material structure, which can transport viscous material and increase the thickness of the spray layer;

3. The whole machine adopts mechanical agitation and chain transmission, which is easy to use, high in transmission efficiency, easy to maintain and maintain, and easy to operate. The agitation adopts a combination of spiral blade mechanical agitation and backwash agitation to form a three-dimensional agitation and effectively improve the agitation uniformity. ;

4. It is driven by a single diesel engine, which has low fuel consumption, easy operation and maintenance, and reduces the use cost and working cost;

5. China hydroseeder equipped with a 360-degree free rotation universal nozzle, and the other with a length and fan-shaped nozzle and pilot valve, easy to switch according to different work surfaces;

6. The core pump adopts a special pressure multi-stage pump, which can spray the viscous material from the nozzle at high speed and direct range of 20-50m, reduce the construction difficulty, increase the efficiency, increase safety, and the high slope can be connected with the rubber wear-resistant pipe. Increase the lift to facilitate construction.

Our company China hydroseeder for sale advantage:

1. Beautiful shape, compact structure, price moderate, in conformity with the current user's purchase level;
2. Good mechanical performance, complete supporting facilities, safe and convenient operation;
3. Professional technical team, perfect pre-market after-sales service;
4. Spray seeding, the cost is low, with the cost or artificial use cost, maintenance cost is low;
5. Spray seeding, high effect, high survival rate of crops;
6. Wide range of USES, both can be used to spray planting paddy field, lawn, trees, flowers, seeds, etc., can also be used to spray irrigation, fertilizer, pesticide and so on daily nursing and soil improvement.

Use method of hydroseeder:

1. Before use, please check spray seeding electromechanical bottles are negative terminal connection is firm, to check whether there is loose, screw machine parts parts whether have larger foreign body inside the water tank, check the adequacy of diesel fuel in diesel engine;
2. The first diesel engine water tank filled with water, then add the tank diesel is adequate, according to the spray seeding need to add the right amount of water in the tank;
3. Will lower the closed switch, and next to the diesel engine sounded the trumpet on the first clue surrounding people pay attention to safety, to start the diesel engine, the diesel engine is mixing with the above. Starts to hit the first work station at the back of the clutch, and hanging out on forward direction, according to the need to increase or decrease the throttle control, adding suitable amount of adhesive, grass seed, fertilizer, water retention agent until fully stir well;
4. Open the backflow valve, then close the injection valve, launched under the spray seeding machine connection pump of diesel engine, make full reflux, stirring, make the material more uniform;
5. Turn the injection valve and quick closing backflow preventer, based on the jet distance increase or decrease the throttle to control material lift, achieve the ideal effect;
If, in the process of spray seeding spray sowing machine, suddenly not discharge tube jam, should be quickly open the backflow valve, close the injection valve, and then push the throttle to the off position, unload nozzle after take out the foreign body, restart machine operation;
7. Spray seeding operation over a long distance, access to jet fire rubber hose;
8. Spray seeding after the operation, should stir in half a tank of water back flushing tank and pipeline, and then sprayed out in order to achieve the purpose of cleaning machine, and then mix the throttle control switch and speed control switch are parked on the position of the reset, convenient operation; next time
9. Close the machine and switch.

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