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How do we check when grouting pump does not work

2018-03-12 19:12:00

Caused by the grouting pump grouting is not normal for many reasons, then how should we investigate it? Grout pump professional manufacturer - Lead Equipment gives the following details:

1. Check the power is normal.

2. Check the motor and gear pump is normal.

3. The pressure gauge switch open, pressure relief valve relief valve release, check the pressure is normal.

4. The suction tube into the water, check the suction tube suction normal.

5. Check the motor and gear pump rotation direction is correct, if not correct the current direction should be adjusted.

6. Check hydraulic reversing valve block whether the cylinder reciprocation is blocked.

7. Start the motor, the grouting pressure transferred to 1 ~ 2Mpa, check the entire grouting link to see which part of the grouting abnormalities.

Lead Equipment is an expert grout pump suppler with large product line, including piston-mechanical grout pump, piston-hydraulic grout pump, hose pump grout pump, rotor/stator grout pump, pneumatic grout pumps and Manual Grout Pump, etc. as well as the grout mixer and agitator for grouting. 

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