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Manufacturers of guniting machines in Cape Town

2018-03-13 18:53:05

As a manufacturer of guniting machines from China, Lead Equipment is specially manufacture shotcrete machine owning many years’ experience. Nowadays, Leadcrete company could provide dry mix shotcrete machine and wet mix shotcrete machine according to the customers’ different project demands. 

Guniting machine in Cape Town is known as shotcrete machine, it is widely used for spraying concrete in slope-protection, wwimming pools, mining etc. project. Whichever kind shotcrete machine and spraying work all need compressed air. Compressed air will convey concrete from hopper to nozzle via conveying hose, and then another way compressed air added on the nozzle, spraying concrete on the working surface. Manufacturers of guniting machines in Cape Town could be divided into electric motor drive, air motor drive and diesel engine three kind different models. Customers could choose the suitable gunning machine according to specific site working conditions. Gunning machines’ horizontal conveying distance is about 200 meters, max. vertical conveying distance could be up to 60 meters.

Rotor plate and sealing plate is very important parts for shotcrete machine, usually rotor and sealing plate quality determines the quality of the spray machine. Guniting machines manufacturers could provide nice quality rotor plate and sealing plate for customers. 

dry mix shotcrete machine

wet mix shotcrete machine

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