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Hot sale wet shotcrete machines for concrete

2018-08-01 19:09:41

We are a professional wet shotcrete machine manufacturer. I would like to recommend a few hot sale wet shotcrete machines for concrete to you now.

Wet shotcrete machine is an anchor spray support machine with better comprehensive performance such as reducing dust, reducing rebound and saving materials at home and abroad. Currently widely used in mines, culverts, building foundation pit support, river slope protection and other projects.

wet shotcrete

We have developed full series of
wet shotcrete machines for concrete, output from 1.5m3/h to 15m3/h, electric motor, diesel engine, air motor and gasoline engine are available options for customization. 

 wet shotcrete machine

LSZ3000 Wet Shotcrete Machine:

LSZ3000 is developed for the application of shotcrete in tunnel building, mines and slopes. This machine has been designed especially for fibre spraying. And the dosing unit is combined with this machine.

 LSZ3000 wet mix shotcrete machine

LPS-7A Wet Gunite Machine:

LPS-7A wet gunite machine used for wet concrete spraying in mine, tunnel, culvert, metro, hydropower engineering, underground construction, slope protection etc. or for filling, grouting pumping concrete mortar etc.

 LPS-7A wet shotcrete machine

LCP40H-E Hose Type Shotcrete Pump:

LCP40H-E electric squeeze hose pump is more widely used for pumping foam concrete, mortar, 

lightweight form concrete and refractory materials. The electric hose concrete pump also could be used for spraying concrete or refractory materials.

    LCP40H-E Hose Type Concrete Pump

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