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Manufacturer of refractory gunning machine

2018-07-31 11:43:29

We are manufacturer of refractory gunning machine. We have developed full series of refractory gunning machines for sale, output from 0 ton/h to 10 ton/h, electric motor and air motor are available options for customization. 

Refractory gunning machine utilizes compressed air to transport a refractory material or a similar loose material through a pipeline and control the water mixing at the port to be coagulated and hardened by high-speed spraying onto the surface to be formed, thereby forming a material strength protective layer of a certain strength. It is widely used in chemical, smelting, railway, highway, hydropower, mining, and other engineering protective surface spraying construction.

The working principle of the refractory gunning machine is to add the refractory material into the vibrating hopper, through the screen into the straight through cavity of the rotor, and rotate with the rotor to the discharge port, where the compressed air introduced by the upwind is blown into the swirl Then, another compressed air is introduced by the cyclone, and the material is blown and accelerated in a multi-head wind spiral state, and is rotated and floated, and enters the delivery pipe. When the nozzle reaches the nozzle, it mixes with the water to spray the sprayed surface.

refractory gunning machine

Refractory gunning machine application: 

Refractory gunning machine for spraying refractory materials

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