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High speed concrete planetary mixing machine

2021-11-24 09:40:58

High speed concrete planetary mixing machine
High speed concrete planetary mixing machine is a new type of high efficiency non-dead-spot mixing equipment, which can be stirred anywhere in the mixing tank. It has a unique and novel mixing form. There are two or three sets of agitators and a set of scrapers in the tank. While revolving around the axis of the mixing tank, it also rotates around its own axis at different speeds, so that the material is subjected to strong shearing and stirring in the mixing tank. In addition, the scraper rotates around the axis of the mixing tank to scrape the material stuck on the inner wall of the mixing tank to participate in the mixing, so that the effect is better.

Concrete planetary mixing machines are mostly used for mixing concrete, but due to its special structural characteristics and good mixing performance, it has a wider range of applications.
1. It is suitable for the construction of various large and medium-sized buildings, ideal equipment for hydropower, highways, ports, bridges, airports, large and medium-sized precast component plants and commercial concrete production plants.
2. It can mix various high-quality dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars. It is suitable for various construction projects, cement product manufacturers and PC prefabricated component manufacturers.
3. The concrete planetary mixing machine can also be used for various high-quality refractory materials, glass ceramsites, and brick machine production lines because of its vigorous and uniform mixing characteristics.

1. The concrete planetary mixing machine is more suitable for automatic refractory production line. Our concrete planetary mixing machine can be equipped with an automatic conveyor belt, which can be set to automatically load, mix, unload, and then proceed to the next step through the conveying device.
2. The concrete planetary mixing machine has a variety of mixing forms in the mixing process, which can effectively knead, disperse, shear, stir, etc., and prevent the material from settling. Therefore, under normal circumstances, there is no precipitation and agglomeration of the stirred material. The new mixing material has high stability and the mixing process takes a short time.

Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high speed concrete planetary mixer supplier. We are engaged in the research and development, production and sales of concrete planetary mixer. During the manufacturing process of concrete planetary mixer, we strictly control product quality in accordance with the quality control system. 
Now, we produce various output volume of high speed concrete planetary mixing machine, which including 50L, 100L, 150L, 500L, 750L, 1000L, 1250L, 1500L, 2000L, 2500L, 3000L and 4000L etc. If customers need others mixing capacity, we can customize it for they. And customers can choose pneumatic discharge door or hydraulic discharge door by themselves.

Thank you very much for visiting our website, we can provide you with a concrete planetary mixing machine.
Before we send quotation, please let us know the following items:
1. What is your project with our concrete planetary mixing machine, for mixing concrete, refractory or others?
2. What is the mixing capacity do you need?
3. Do you need pneumatic discharge door or hydraulic discharge door?
4. What is your local voltage? we could customize the electric engine according to your demands.

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