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High pressure grouting pump in container

2023-12-22 18:26:52

The high pressure grouting pump in container is widely used for ground treatment and stabilization, foundation anti-seepage curtain, slope soil retaining cofferdam anchorage, mine stoppage, and wellbore wall construction projects, as well as in highways, railways, mines, national defense, and other fields.

high pressure jet grout pump

high pressure grouting pump

The grout pump features advanced artificial intelligence control, with instantaneous flow display and cumulative function, making pressure digital display and control a possibility. It also has a long working time due to the hydraulic end's new plunger lubrication structure and easy replacement of the new seal.

high pressure grouting pump in container

grouting pump in container

Furthermore, the inverter speed is achieved without a mechanical gearbox, clutch, or other multi-fault transmission parts, which makes the pump lightweight and compact with high reliability. The electrical control circuit is simple and reliable, with easy-to-operate panels that allow all workers to use it without difficulties. The pump's powerful built-in operation display screen can set and display the operating parameters.

diesel jet grouting pump in container

20GP container type jet pump

Lastly, the pump features a comprehensive protection control system that safeguards against lost power, lack of phase, overvoltage, under-voltage, overcurrent, torque, pump pressure, and more. Moreover, it is easy to transport with its container type protection system.

20GP container type jet grout pump

20GP container type high pressure grout pump

As a professional producing factory of high pressure grouting pump in container in China, we have been supplying the best quality products and the best service. Like our high pressure grouting pump in container, it has features of excellent material, stable structure, easy operation and large screening yield. Meanwhile, the price is pretty good. If you have any interest, please contact us freely for more information. Email address:

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