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150kg and 200kg capacity refractory mixer for sale

2023-06-19 18:04:29

Refractory Mixer with 150kg and 200kg capacity is an essential equipment used for mixing raw materials. The mixing capacities offered by this mixer range from 100kg to 1000kg. It allows the materials to be obtained in the pan in a reasonable and beautiful appearance, which makes it easy to operate, and ensures full mixing that enhances mixing uniformity. The mixer uses a novel rotor structure to achieve excellent mixing quality. 

150kg and 200kg capacity refractory mixer

150kg capacity refractory mixer

To ensure smooth operation and reduce the loss of equipment during full loading, a hydraulic coupling is installed between the motor and the reducer of the refractory mixer. This significantly improves the utilization rate of blades and extends the service life of the mixing equipment. The mixer is also designed to handle aggregates with different particle sizes and specific gravities, without any segregation after mixing. Its stable transmission system, convenient assembly and maintenance, and new style, makes it an economical and durable option. 

200kg capacity refractory mixer

Our refractory pan mixer uses blades installed inside the mixing drum, which are designed to extrude, rotate and force the material to stir, effectively mixing the refractory materials with high impact and stability. It shortens the mixing cycle time of refractory castable production lines, and can be used to mix other special and complex materials, an advantage that distinguishes it from ordinary equipment.

high wear-resistant refractory mixer

The 150kg and 200kg capacity refractory mixers for sale come equipped with various devices and accessories which ensure the mixer's reliability. The unique speed reduction and hydraulic device of the planetary mixer ensures high-uniform mixing of complex materials. The mixer exhibits high mixing power and speed, thereby significantly improving the homogeneity of mixing while reducing energy consumption. It is an ideal mixer for those who seek dual-advantages of economy and practicability.

refractory mixer for sale

Unlike common mixers, our refractory pan mixer boasts of several outstanding features, including a high wear-resistant steel liner on its bottom and inner walls, which significantly improves its service life. Our gearbox is a helical-bevel gear motor which is heavy-duty, highly efficient, and has a high carrying capacity, unlike the cycloidal reducer.

refractory mixer

The refractory pan mixer is equipped with a small water pump, which automatically controls the amount of water added by the electric control box. Additionally, there is a limit switch between the top lid door and the hopper that cuts off power automatically once the top lid is opened, thereby ensuring operator safety.

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