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High pressure grouting machine price

2018-10-05 09:53:35

In general terms, grouting is that fluid material went into fractures and cavities in rock, soil or artificial structures under pressure. Depending on the composition and mix of the injected material, it will react physically and chemically. Stabilise, strengthen or seal the ground or the structure. This is the purpose of grouting. There are mainly for types of grouting method: Compaction grouting (Displacement), cement grouting (Intrusion), Chemical grouting (Permeation), jet grouting (Replacement). Usually, four major application areas are grouting use: grouting for dams and canals, sub-surface grouting, grouting for foundations, grouting in connection with constructions.

grouting pump method

As the above picture shows, four grouting methods are different. And all are widely used in different grouting projects. Compaction grouting is accomplished by forcing extremely stiff cement mortar like grout into the sub-grade soil under high pressure to form a uniformly consolidated mass to displace and compact the surrounding soils.

Compact grouting was developed in the United States more than 30 years again. Based on the grouting technology improve, the grouting machine is largely improved. Now high pressure grouting machine and compaction grouting technology are widely used all over the world. The compaction grouting advantages are very obvious. It could prevent and correct the structures from a settlement. No underground water pollution will occur due to the natural material used. It is suitable for execution in the street or residential areas as it is a vibration free and noise-free operation.

high pressure grouting machine

High pressure grouting machine flow from 40L/min and could up to 1700L/min. High pressure grouting machine pressure could up to 45Mpa. All are produced by us. So could match different grouting projects using. Other grouting equipment: grout mixer, grout agitator are also provided by us. Flexibility, it is possible to alter the capacity and the ingredient of the batch within a few seconds. And the grouting pump flow and pressure could be adjustable for some pump design. All the high pressure grouting machine are easy to operate even under harsh and dusk conditions.

grouting machine

Grouting machine price is usually different based on the grouting flow and grouting pressure. Other data, such as the power (at the same flow and same pressure, electric motor power grouting machine is usually cheaper than the diesel engine grouting equipment.) Of course, the main components brand and quality also affect the price.
Usually, a good grouting machine should be environmental protection, good mechanical performance, no noise, no pollution. High efficiency and it can reach 0-20Mpa working pressure in a few seconds. Advanced technology, time saving, labor saving, and high efficiency. Safety, grouting machine with reliable technology, reasonable structure, and safe use. Multi-function, the grouting machine should be a multi-purpose machine, could be used in plugging grouting, consolidation grouting, crack reinforcement grouting. Non-destructive structure: directly grouting, not grooving, not burying the pipe, and the structure is not damaged during the grouting jobs.

grouting machine price

Lead Equipment was already in grouting machine research, development and production for more than 10 years. Some of the engineers in this field are more than 25 years. For more information about high pressure grouting machine price, please email us:

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