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Cellular concrete foam machine for sale

2018-10-06 09:49:33

Cellular concrete foam machine is popular all over the world, because there is a new type building material foam concrete is widely used in many countries, such as, Russia, Italy, Turkey, German, Malaysia,etc. And our products has been exported to many countries, including Russia, India, South Africa, Philippines, etc., has good fame and brand in the world.

concrete foam machine

Foamed concrete is mainly formed by foaming system of a cellular concrete foam machine, fully foaming the foam agent mechanically, and uniformly mixing the foam and the cement slurry.

cellular concrete foam machine

In terms of characteristics, cellular concrete foam is lightweight, can reduce the overall load of the building; also the cellular concrete foam is integral, can be cast on site, tightly integrated with the main body, no need to leave the gap and vent pipe; and the cellular concrete foam is low elastic shock absorption, the porosity of the concrete foam gives it a low modulus of elasticity, so that cellular concrete foam has a good absorption and dispersion effect on the impact load.
In addition, the cast-in-place cellular concrete foam has less water absorption, relatively independent closed air bubbles and good integrity, so that the cellular concrete foam has certain waterproof performance; durability of the cellular concrete foam is also good, and the life of the main project is the same.

The construction speed of cellular concrete foam is very fast, which can be automated by using a simple cellular concrete foam machine, and the cellular concrete foam is environmentally friendly. The cellular concrete foam does not contain harmful substances, such as benzene and formaldehyde, avoiding environmental pollution and fire hazards.
If you want to produce the cellular concrete foam products, you can use the cellular concrete foam machine. And we also provide quality foam agent to you, so LEADCRETE equipment is your best choice.

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