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What need be paid attention to when we use high-pressure grouting pump

2017-10-01 09:28:12

High-pressure grouting pump is a kind of engineering seepage plugging construction tools. What need be paid attention to when we use high-pressure grouting pump? Here we look at it together!

1. Before using the machine to check the various parts of the screw is not off the phenomenon of high-pressure pipe, and some words to tighten.

2. In the use of the drill to adjust the speed to the maximum, and the use of wire switch control. And the drill is forbidden to operate in a drill hammer mode.

3. In the use of high-pressure grouting pump for grouting to consider the degree of pressure when the needle to maintain the safety of work.

4. In the grouting is to pay attention to the temperature of the media at any time, if the temperature of the machine temperature of the machine to withstand the temperature, then it is necessary to stop working in a timely manner, and the rapid use of special cleaning agent for cleaning.

5. Work to wear eye care eye, to avoid spraying agents to the eyes.

6. It is forbidden to pour the pellets into the cup during the fall.

7. After using the high pressure grouting pump but also immediately use a special cleaning agent cleaning machine 2 to 3 minutes. 

High-pressure grouting pump

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