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Shotcrete machine for coal mine

2017-09-29 16:46:51

 LEC series shotcrete machine for coal mine is developed by our company a new generation of wet concrete jet unit, the project has passed the ISO9001 international system certification, and has been awarded the National Security Center issued a certificate of mineral products safety signs. The product in terms of technical content or the use of value, coal mine shotcrete machine are far ahead of the domestic market similar products.

The coal mining shotcrete machine can be equipped with a good mix of dry material, automatically add water, stir, continuous delivery, add liquid quick-setting agent and spray. Is currently at home and abroad to reduce dust, reduce the rebound, saving materials and other comprehensive performance better anchor spray support equipment. We have made bold changes in the structure, the latest design of the elastic material cavity and the cyclone, greatly improving the ability to deal with wet material and wearing parts of the service life, reducing the weight of the machine. Coal mining shotcrete machine is widely used in coal mining, culverts, construction foundation pit support, river slope protection and other projects.

shotcrete machine for coal mine

Coal mine small shotcrete machine working principle:

We will be mixed with a good dry material, manually evenly into the mixer hopper, open the valve and water tank device, the material by the mixer humidification and stirring evenly into the jet. And then by the delivery of pressure gas through the feed pipe, the nozzle of the mixed material sprayed to the spray surface. In the mixture into the nozzle will be sprayed, and quick-setting agent pump output of liquid quick-setting agent mixed to achieve the purpose of accelerated solidification of concrete.

At present there are many models of the product, links:, to meet the different needs of customers.

coal mine shotcrete machine

The characteristics of coal mine wet shotcrete machine and coal mine dry shotcrete machine:

1. Significantly reduce the concentration of dust at the construction site, which greatly reduces the health hazards of workers.

2. Low resilience. Dry spray, the concrete rebound rate of up to 25% -50%; using wet spray technology, the rebound rate can be reduced to 10% -15%.

3. The strength of the concrete after solidification is higher.

4. Accurate quick-setting agent ratio, at home and abroad in a leading position.

coal mining shotcrete machine

Shotcrete machine for coal mine with the need to pay attention to the problem:

Mine spraying machine is widely used in engineering construction, mining, water conservancy projects, tunnels and other construction projects, as well as a variety of slope greening for our lives has brought a lot of convenience and green, but mine shotcrete machine is Machine, in the course of the use or to be careful to ensure that their own and others in order to make it better for our safety and social services. The following is the mine spraying machine test the need to pay attention to the problem:

1. Test run

(1) Coal mine shotcrete machine test should be the switch, the bell on the handle around, easy to operate;

(2) To carry out two to three positive and negative car test;

(3) On the neat rows of drum wire rope, wire rope with a small hammer or handle rope, no hands or feet along the rope, so as not to wire rope twist;

(4) And the drawing work signal to verify its accuracy.

2. Focus, hear the signal, drive, stop, reverse the operation according to the drawings of the signal.

3. Normal parking, mechanical parking brake failure, do not hit the parking lot. Motor bearing, the temperature exceeds 65 ℃, stop looking for reasons, such as the temperature after the lower quasi-driving.

4. Signal work Note

(1) Support the command to send the signal quickly and accurately;

(2) Focus, pay close attention to the direction of the wire rope running, when the wire rope running direction is wrong, should immediately stop the signal, and send the correct signal;

(3) Signal and drawing work always maintain a distance of 5 to 8 meters and delay the working position with the post position and turn off the cable;

(4) To adjust the working position, should hand-held signal device, do not enhance the signal line, so as not to damage the signal line connection, resulting in accidents. LEC machinery to remind you to use the coal mine shotcrete machine to be careful when using the test, keep in mind these issues, pay attention to ensure their own and the safety of others, the only way to make coal mine shotcrete machine better for our social services for our lives Bring more convenience, but also make our lives more beautiful, more happy!

coal mine small shotcrete machine for sale

Analysis on the advantages of coal mining shotcrete machine:

Shotcrete machine for coal mine is a construction industry aspire to a construction machinery and equipment, and his presence to help a lot of people, but also for the community to make a great contribution to the types of shotcrete machines such as: mortar, mortar shotcrete machine, slope shotcrete machine, etc., and each shotcrete machine functions are also different, the advantages are different, today we are talking about the advantages of coal mine shotcrete machine, the following content for you:

Shotcrete machine for coal mine in the work of the time through the rotor-type non-adhesive material cavity, efficient time-saving, smooth discharge, four-point elastic compensation compression, sealing effect, machine dust, wearing parts long life, and the use of Is a low-pressure high-speed vortex air transport, to overcome the material transport in the bonding, blocking and pulse off the fold and other issues, the material evenly, the new nozzle, continuous stability, the material elbow device to improve spraying effect, High quality, the machine chassis can be assembled into a tire type, slippery type and a variety of gauge rail wheel type.

We are high quality coal mine small shotcrete machine suppliers in China. Any need you can tell us freely. Email address:

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