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Requirements of Grouting Pump to Grouting Media and Process

2017-10-03 09:34:07

 The use of grouting pump must be strict requirements on the grouting media, using the correct process, so as to ensure successful grouting. About the grouting pump on the grouting media and process requirements, Lead Equipment gives the following views:

First, the grouting pump on the grouting media requirements.

1. The use of high quality portland cement for medium;

2. The sand or coarse sand fineness modulus should be greater than 2.5, the amount of mud should not be greater than 3%;

3. The use of water glass as a grouting medium, the media particle size should not be greater than 15mm;

4. The use of alkaline quick-setting agent, the media may not be doped with active silica;

5. The media can’t contain too many impurities, water content control in 10% to 15%;

6. Quick-setting agent of the initial setting time should not be greater than 5 min, final setting time should not be greater than 10min.

Second, the grouting pump on the process requirements.

1. Grouting pump in the work, first of all in the grouting site covered with old tape, in order to collect resilient material, the rebound rate requirements shall not exceed 15%;

2. The grouting pump grouting sequence should be the first after the outside, the first on the next, the gun head and grouting face as far as possible to keep vertical, spray gun head and spray surface of the vertical distance requirements 0.8M-1.0M;

3. Grouting pump grouting, the grouting pressure of 0.4MPA, water pressure should be higher than the wind pressure 0.1MPA or so, add water with the experience of the shooter to control the water-cement ratio of 0.4-0.5;

4. Grouting pump grouting process, according to the changes in the material, timely adjustment of water supply to ensure that the water-cement ratio is accurate, requiring grouting medium without speckle, no flow, strong adhesion,

5. After the end of the grouting requirements of timely re-spray, the interval must not be more than 2 hours, or use high-pressure water to wash the surface;

6. After the end of grouting, rebound media requirements in a timely manner, and on duty spices with the net.

grouting media and process

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