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High Precision Hose Squeeze Pump for Sale

2022-06-29 18:09:40

High Precision Hose Squeeze Pumps are the focus of R&D, production, and sales at Leadcrete Equipment Co., Ltd. We now have a complete line of goods with tens of types, operating pressure ranging from 0.6-3 Mpa, output ranging from 0.01-50 m3/h, and possibilities for customisation including NR, NBR, and EPDM squeeze hoses.

squeeze hose for pump

Leadcrete Equipment Co., Ltd. has built its own R&D and technician teams through years of experience, supporting continued development and client-specific service. Hose squeeze pump quality is strictly monitored throughout the manufacturing process, and we are ISO9001:2008, CE, and SGS certified. One of the most well-known hose pump manufacturers in the world has made us their primary source for pump heads. We have been supplying complementary hose squeeze pumps for Chinese TBM machine manufacturers in recent years. Our hose squeeze pumps are used extensively in a variety of industries, including papermaking, ceramics, mining, petrochemicals, food processing, subterranean construction, and architecture.

high precision hose pump

High Precision Hose Squeeze Pump is also name as squeeze pump. Pump housing, rotor, roller, idle roller, squeeze tube, and driving unit are the major components of the squeeze hose pump. In the pump house, the squeeze hose is U-shaped; when the rotor pushes the roller to rotate, the hose is distorted. The distorted hose recovers by its elasticity after the roller rotates. As a result, this hose develops negative pressure, sucking slurry and releasing them through the outlet under the pressure of the roller to create pressure conveying of slurry.

A production procedure that guarantees exact and constant dimensional tolerances at every point throughout the whole length of the hose is used to create a high-quality, precision-made high precision hose pump tube. This hose is reinforced with many layers of braided nylon.

high precision hose squeeze pump

The feature of 
High Precision Hose Squeeze Pump for Sale:
a) There is no need to be concerned about the sealing portion leaking because there is no mechanical seal, gland packing, or other sealing parts.
b) It can be used as an air-operated vacuum pump because there is no sealing component.
c) It is possible to convey the fluid directly in its original state since the impeller, rotor, cylinder, and other moving parts do not come into contact with the fluid or create bubbles as they go through the specific hose.
d) Suction and discharge can proceed in either direction, making it simple to reverse and remove any fluid that is still in the discharge pipe.
e) Only rubber parts that have good wear resistance and low speed operation are in touch with the liquid, making them ideal for slurry conveying.

High Precision Hose Squeeze Pump is used in the mining, chemical, non-ferrous smelting, food processing, brewing, ceramics, water treatment, and other industries, hose squeeze pumps are being utilized more and more frequently.

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