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High efficiency hydroseeder machine for landscaping

2021-04-27 17:55:08

High efficiency hydroseeder machine for landscaping
Landscaping is a systematic project that requires the completion of a series of operations in the process of plant growth, such as pruning, weeding, soil loosening, fertilizing, watering, and pest control. Although manual labor can complete all projects, the market economy is about cost and demand competition, high suburbs and low consumption have become popular. The use of high efficiency hydroseeder machine for landscaping can reach this goal and meet the needs.

High efficiency hydroseeder machine for landscaping

The high efficiency hydroseeder machine for landscaping is not only suitable for highway construction, railway construction and large-scale spraying projects such as river embankments and gardens, but also for the construction of vegetation restoration projects such as mine vegetation restoration, returning farmland to forests, and sand control and grass restoration. In addition, the high efficiency hydroseeder machine is also widely used in agricultural irrigation, fertilization, pests and diseases, fire emergency response, environmental sanitation and other fields.

High efficiency hydroseeder machine application

The high efficiency hydroseeder machine for landscaping mixes grass seeds into a grass seed sprayer tank containing a certain proportion of water, fiber mulch, adhesive, water retention agent, and agglomerates. The   high efficiency hydroseeder for landscaping transports the mixed liquid slurry to the universal sprinkler and sprays it on the surface of the soil to be sowed to form a uniform layer of straw sorrel seeds. The agglomeration agent makes the guest soil form a granular structure, and the reinforcing fibers are similar It plays a role in the reinforcement of the network of plant rhizomes, resulting in a certain thickness, which can resist rain and wind erosion, is strong and air-permeable, and is similar to or better than natural topsoil with porous and stable soil structure mud.

High efficiency hydroseeder machine

1. The high efficiency hydroseeder for landscaping has been widely used in urban greening, highways, railways, river bank slopes and ecological greening projects. Conducive to improving the surrounding environment and ecological protection. The disadvantage is that solid soil has low water holding capacity and is prone to runoff and corrosion. Through the application of external scene structure, it is easy to cut corners.
2. The high efficiency hydroseeder for landscaping has high-quality, fast and high average germination rate.
3. The construction of slope greening equipment is efficient and quick.
4. If the materials are lack of mixing, soil erosion or gullies are easy to form in the early stage.
5. Slope side greening equipment products have a good protective effect. Under normal conditions, one month after spraying, the coverage rate of slope plants can reach more than 70%, and it can play a role in conservation and greening after two months.

hydroseeder machine for landscaping

If you are interested in the high efficiency hydroseeder machine for landscaping, please contact us! Email:, and we can also provide the 3000L, 6000L, 8000L, 15000L hydroseeder machine for your choosing!

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