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Peristaltic sludge pump manufacturer

2021-04-28 17:28:23

Peristaltic sludge pump manufacturer
Peristaltic sludge pump series products are a new type, multifunctional and multipurpose industrial pump developed by absorbing foreign technology. This peristaltic sludge pump gets rid of the running mode of traditional impeller shaft seal, and has advantages in conveying medium with high viscosity, high corrosivity and large fluid impurities. It has completely different principles from traditional delivery pumps and has a wider application range, especially suitable for sludge treatment.

Peristaltic sludge pump

Treatment method of sludge:
1. The sludge receiving bin of the sludge treatment plant receives the municipal sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, industrial sludge and other sludge transported to the sludge storage bin by peristaltic pump for sludge, and the peristaltic pump for sludge below the sludge bin continuously transports the sludge: sludge drying (paddle dryer, disc dryer, rotary kiln,), sludge incineration (cement kiln of cement plant, incinerator of power plant, incinerator of sludge incineration plant), sludge brickmaking of brick making plant and sludge solidification landfill. Achieve sludge treatment: sludge innocuity, sludge reduction and sludge recycling!
2. The sludge in the sedimentation tank of the municipal sludge treatment plant is sucked into the upper filter press for dehydration (horizontal screw centrifuge dehydration, screw stacker dehydration); Deep sludge dewatering: feed the high-pressure filter press with peristaltic sludge pump for sale.
3. The dehydrated sludge is transported into sludge transfer bin, sludge receiving bin and sludge storage bin by peristaltic sludge pump;
4. Grid slag from municipal sludge treatment plant is transported into incinerator by single plunger pump (single shear valve, punching and shearing head).
5. For sludge produced in sewage treatment workshops such as printing and dyeing factories, chemical plants and chemical fiber plants, sludge receiving and storage loading pump system (sludge transfer pump system) is generally used.
Generally, the sludge treatment options are S swing tube plunger pump, poppet valve plunger pump and cone valve plunger pump.

Peristaltic pump for sludge

Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. is a peristaltic sludge pump manufacturer specialized in R&D, manufacture and sale. We control quality of peristaltic sludge pump for sale throughout the whole process strictly, and certified by ISO9001:2008, CE and SGS. We can customize durable industrial hose squeeze pumps according to customer requirements.

Peristaltic sludge pump manufacturer

Advantages of peristaltic sludge pump:
1. It has a non-sealed structure without any leakage and pollution;
2. The rolling technology adopted does not require any lubrication for the pressing roller;
3. Strong self-suction ability and self-cleaning ability, which can suck materials forward and backward;
4. Simple hose assembly, simple installation and maintenance, low maintenance cost and simple operation;
5. The flow can be linearly adjusted and has metering function;
6. The fluid transportation of impurities with high viscosity does not cause any blockage;
7. The service life of the pump is longer, with high lift and high pump pressure.

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