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Bentonite mixing plant for drilling pile

2021-04-26 17:31:10

Bentonite mixing plant for drilling pile
The bentonite mixing plant for drilling pile is a complete set of equipment which combines the pulping machine and the grouting pump, and can work with high efficiency and low consumption, effectively reducing complicated procedures and long-distance operation. The pulping machine performs high-speed pulping production and storage of cement slurry and other similar materials, and then pumps the slurry directly to the construction connection point to complete uninterrupted pulping and grouting.

Bentonite mixing plant for drilling pile

Bentonite mixing plant for drilling pile (all-in-one grouting machines) is mainly used for the construction of above-ground and underground projects such as roads, railways, hydropower, buildings and mines, and can quickly mix water, cement, sand, bentonite, fillers, clay, silicates and other media. Then grouting is carried out by plunger grouting pump to realize waterproof and plugging, tunnel lining, reinforcing foundation and rock stratum, filling gaps, etc. This series of grouting pump has the advantages of compact structure, high grouting pressure and wide application range.

Bentonite mixing plant application

Characteristics of bentonite mixing plant:
1. Compact structure, integrating a pulping machine, a mixer and a grouting pump into a base.
2. Have low voltage, high voltage and stepless speed regulation system.
3. The hydraulic system of grouting pump is composed of hydraulic components, etc.
4. Using extrusion valve to realize the function switch between mixer and pulper.
5. The oil temperature meter can automatically control the cooling fan to work within the normal temperature range. If the temperature is too high, the machine will automatically stop working.
6. Full hydraulic drive, with motor or diesel engine as power source.
7. Operation and maintenance are relatively simple.

Bentonite mixing plant for drill pile

Lead Equipment has many years’ experience in manufacture and marketing of bentonite mixing plant as well as specific customer application requirements for grouting. Capacity and power could be customizing according to your projects. Sell bentonite mixing plant for drilling pile for years and some of the engineers in the grouting field for more than 20 years. Ergonomic, space saving, central lifting position. We build the right machine for your business. Our bentonite mixing plant for drilling pile is designed with quality, productivity and easy operate in mind. Our company with the ISO certificate, SGS report. Each bentonite plant for drilling pile is inspected and tested for the highest level of quality.
We can supply grout mixer and agitator, grout pump and grout station. The motor power: electric motor, diesel engine for option. Mixing and pumping technology comprises all of the products which are used for preparing/ mixing solids and liquids, particularly in the specialist foundation engineering sector. In addition to mixing, this technology also includes the conveyance (pumping, storage and injection) of the mixed products. Whatever job you have, the right equipment makes all of the difference when it comes to completing the project on time and at the quality standards your customers are expecting. Let us help you find that perfect fit for your industry. 

Bentonite mixing plant

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