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Refractory gunning machine for coke chamber kiln

2020-06-22 10:44:10

Refractory gunning machine for coke chamber kiln

Dry refractory gunning machine can be used for coke chamber kiln.

Gunning repairs are suitable for improved durability of coke oven walls, coke oven doors and oven hoods.

In this case the arisen cracks are closed by dry refractory gunning mchine. The service life of coke ovens can be increased to 8 years by means of this procedure.

In this case the dry gunning material is fed within an air stream and only at the nozzle it is slightly moistened with water. The gunning material is pressed into the gaps with high pressure what results in a high durability of the repaired area and the oven wall keeps its elasticity.
Prior to the gunning the cracks as well as the gaps between the stones are cleaned by a slag hammer. In the next step the gunning concrete is applied and the repaired area is planed by a scraper. 

In past the gunning repairs had been carried out by spraying equipment. Due to the high water share and the low gunning pressure only an inadequate durability of the gunning mortar was achieved. That was the reason why it was switched over to carry out the repairs by dry refractory gunning machine.

Refractory gunning machine for coke chamber kiln

It is important that always the optimum mixing ratio of material and water is adjusted during the processing of refractory products. An even material flow is essential especially at the gunning repair, in order to reduce dust and rebound.
A pulsation free conveyance and a good and homogenous moistening is important for the processing in the dry gunning technique. 

Leadcrete refractory gunning machine is a continuously operating rotor gunning machine with a wide range of capacity and is well-proved in the refractory industry. 
The gunning material to be worked is fed through a hopper and a star-shaped agitator to the rotor. This rotor - fixed-ended between two sealing disks and driven by a rotary-current or compressed-air motor conveys the gunning material by the so-called thin-stream-method to the blow-off socket where it is blown into a hose or pipeline by compressed air.

Before being discharged from the line, the up to now dry gunning material is mixed with water in the nozzle mixing unit. Besides, water pressure at the nozzle must be at least 10 psi higher than air pressure to ensure that the wet material as it passes the water ring. Leadcrete refractory gunning machine equipped with booster water pump, which can provide the high pressure water to drive the water into the material at the water ring.

Leadcrete refractory gunning machine is equipped with new pre-dampening nozzle, the nozzle seat have two water way providing water for refractory, needle valve can adjust water flow.
For dry refractory gunning machine, we have electric motor refractory gunning machine and full pneumatic refractory gunning machine. Whichever refractory gunning machine all need air compressor to provide compressed air.
Full pneumatic refractory gunning machine doesn’t need any electric power supply, suitable for using in remote working site. Most customers’ working voltage is different from ours, we could customize suitable voltage motor according to customers demands.

In order to recommend one suitable type refractory gunning machine and quote price more quickly, please help us to confirm the following points:
1. What's the project you will use refractory gunning machine do?
2. What is the output do you need, 3m3/h, 5m3/h, 7m3/h?
3. Drive type mode? Do you want electric or air motor? What voltage it is on your local? It is 3 phase 380V 50Hz in China.
4. Do you have any other special requirments for the refractory gunning machine?
If you are interested in dry refractory gunning machine, pls contact us freely,

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