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How to make foam agent for concrete

2020-06-19 10:09:20

How to make foam agent for concrete
Foam agent, also known as foam concrete foaming agent, refers to an additive that can reduce the surface tension of the liquid and produce a large amount of uniform and stable foam for the production of foam concrete. The method of use is relatively simple, but also pay attention to some matters. I will explain how to make foam concrete.

foam agent for testing

Brief Introduction of foam agent
Foam agent for concrete is a type of substance that can cause its aqueous solution to generate a large amount of foam when mechanical force is introduced into the air. This type of substance is a surfactant or a surface active substance. The essence of the foam agent is its surface activity. Without the surface active effect, it cannot foam and become a foaming agent. Surface activity is the core of foaming.

foam agent for concrete

Types of foam agent
There are generally two types of foam agents. One is a broadly defined foam agent, and the other is a narrowly defined foam agent. Broadly speaking, the foam agent refers to all surfactants or surface active substances whose aqueous solution can generate a large amount of foam when air is introduced. There are no strict requirements for its technical performances such as foaming multiple and foam stability. It only indicates that it has a certain ability to produce a large amount of foam. Whether the foam produced can be used for practical purposes is not defined.

how to make foam concrete

The narrow sense of foaming agent refers to those that can not only produce a large amount of foam, but also have excellent performance and can meet the technical requirements for foaming of various products. They can really be used to produce actual surfactants or surface-active substances. The foaming ability is particularly strong, the foam production per unit volume is large, the foam is very stable, it can not be defoamed for a long time, the foam is delicate, and the compatibility with the medium used is good. The latter is a foaming agent that is actually used in industry. Generally speaking, the foaming agent is narrowly defined as a foaming agent.

foam concrete agent

The foaming agent used in foamed concrete is intended for the foaming of concrete. In addition to its ability to generate large foams, it pays special attention to the stability of the foam, the fineness of the foam, and the adaptability of the cementing materials such as foam and cement. There are also few narrow-ranging foam agents that can meet this requirement. Most foam agents cannot be used in the actual production of foamed concrete. Therefore, the foam concrete foaming agent must be a few surfactants or surface active substances that meet the above technical requirements.

foam agent

How to make foam agent for concrete:
Cement foaming agent generally has a larger concentration, and it needs to be diluted with a certain proportion of water to form a foaming liquid, and then foamed from the foaming liquid. Pour water and foaming agent into a water tank to dissolve it fully. After observing the blisters, pour the prepared cement into the tank, and then use a stirring tool to fully stir it, then send it through a high-pressure delivery pipe or manually into the wallboard machinery for processing into finished products. Mainly used in the production of light-weight partition boards, thermal insulation, sound insulation materials, foamed cement bricks, etc. The foam concrete machine and the foaming agent are a technical system that cooperates with each other. They cannot function alone, and no one can do without them.

foam agent  concrete

Leadcrete Machinery, a manufacturer of foam agent for concrete, monitors product quality in strict accordance with quality standards with the concept of a win-win situation with customers to ensure that product quality fully meets customer requirements. Welcome to contact us for more information:

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