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China cement plaster spraying machine

2019-05-09 15:10:47

China cement plaster spraying machine is used for aggregate size less than 5mm pre-mixing mortar and site mixing mortar conveying and spraying. machine can spray evenly, continuously and efficiently. Also it has high cost performance, strong reliability, low wear of piston and long service life. Machine is equipped with continuous mixer, can achieve continual operation. Machine can be used in the building, the external wall spray plaster, used in road and bridge, tunnel, water conservancy, underground engineering pore pressure grouting, and so on. With high efficiency, a set of cement plaster spraying machine can spray 150 square meters per hour with ease, if it works 8 hours one day, then it can Paint more or less 1000 square meters, which equals to the workload of 20 skilled workers per day.

China cement plaster spraying machine

This cement plaster spraying machine from China has compact structure, reliable operation, low failure rate, convenient cleaning, easy maintenance and high pumping pressure etc. advantages, so it has widely been using for mortar spraying, pumping and grouting in tunnel excavation and maintenance, mine engineering, constructing dams, bridges and foundation treatment etc. projects. The pump also has been using for mortar and putty pumping and spraying civil buildings. Machine is the most powerful double piston pump in the market. Widely tested in many different conditions, it is extremely strong and reliable for any sort of civil and industrial work. Ideal even for the most difficult site mixes up to 5mm aggregate size. The mixing shaft in the hopper is directly linked to the piston rod, thus this shaft is synchronously moved with the said piston rod effectively prevent mortar precipitation; Also Equipped with special mortar nozzle, making spraying operation more smoothly, continuously and reducing the rebound effectively.
Finally our China plaster spraying machine can guarantee engineering quality, our company launched high pressure spraying equipment flow (up to 30Bar) to overcome the shortcoming slow degree of the compactness of cement mortar; low adhesive property between the wall and mortar. the degree of compatness is far exceed the standards prescribed by the state, to avoid the trouble and loss caused due to the quality of the construction period wages, etc. Hope to build cooperation with you. 

cement plaster spraying machine from China

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