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How to use grouting pump grouting under the steep slope environment

2018-02-06 10:55:34

Steep slope grouting complex environment, the use of grouting pump to increase the difficulty, then steep slope environment to smooth grouting how to use the grouting pump? Technical staff to give the following views on this issue:

1. First find a smooth, solid place on the steep slope grouting pump placed horizontally, not tilted, should be locked or fixed after placing stable, to prevent the risk of sliding;

2. Grouting pump placed in place not only conducive to the grouting material transport, power supply, water supply convenience, but also conducive to the laying of pipelines;

3. Grouting pump and grouting pipe connected, should be grouting pump instructions should be a comprehensive inspection, meet the requirements after the boot can be run by air to run the machine, no-load operation 10min, and then check the various agencies or systems are working normal;

4. Grouting must be fixed on the grouting pump to prevent the grouting pipe from swinging back and forth due to the pressure of the grouting pressure, resulting in the premature damage of the pipe clamp and the rubber ring and the overflow of cement slurry.

5. In the hot summer, due to steep slope temperature is too high, should pay attention to cooling measures, or easily burn the injection pump motor;

6. Severe winter, deal with the grouting pipe to take appropriate insulation measures to prevent grouting pipe cracking.

Despite the difficulty of grouting in steep slopes, a high level of grouting can be done as long as the method is used with a grouting pump.

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grouting pump grouting under the steep slope environment

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