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Grouting reinforcement application range

2017-08-23 14:49:16

Grouting reinforcement application scope, method, buried pipe method, including separation grouting mortar method, low slump cylindrical bag grouting method, etc. Grouting can improve the bearing capacity of foundation soil, increase soil enclosure wall inside the passive earth pressure, but to increase the ability of soil resistance to lateral deformation is not obvious. Generally do not consider when calculating improve soil shear strength index and soil in the treated area proportion of lateral coefficient. In the shallow foundation pit or environmental distraction sand or powder soil foundation can be used in grouting for the foundation reinforcement.
The foundation soil grouting reinforcement, general applications include:
(1) The scope of grouting can be used for bottom soil consolidation. Commonly used in foundation pit engineering of environmental protection requirements is not high.
(2) In the section of long and large foundation pit excavation, if insufficient stability of longitudinal resistance of soil in slip, can be to reinforce the slope body.
(3) When the enclosure wall is underground continuous wall or piles, if need to reduce the vertical settlement expansion wall around or improve the vertical bearing capacity, enclosure wall available buried pipe grouting reinforcement method for grouting at the bottom of the enclosure wall.
(4) In the side of palisade quantity grouting reinforcement, or used for track grouting surrounding environmental protection to reduce the enclosure wall lateral earth pressure and the control of the structures around the foundation pit deformation.
Due to the limitation of the grouting process, grouting and solid large discreteness, uniformity and strength to ensure the reliability of the relatively poor, the construction process quality control and inspection of the uncertainty, the effect is sometimes can not meet the design requirements for the strength of the soil consolidation. The excavation of deep foundation pit using grouting reinforcement process should be comprehensive evaluate the effectiveness of reinforcement. The grouting reinforcement depth limit does not include the bottom of the enclosure wall of foundation pit engineering or pillar pile bottom grouting reinforcement. 

Grouting reinforcement application range

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