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The role of shotcrete machine in the construction of high - speed rail tunnel

2017-08-24 11:26:44

With the increase of national high-speed rail construction, many places of high-speed rail or to go through the mountains, shotcrete machine as a mountain high-speed rail tunnel construction of the anchor spraying equipment, shotcrete national high-speed rail construction development plays a vital role. So the shotcrete machine in the construction of high-speed rail tunnels in the specific role?

Shotcrete machine as a bolt and spray support professional equipment, in the early period of the mountain tunnel anchor can quickly control or limit the relaxation of the surrounding rock deformation, give full play to the carrying capacity of the surrounding rock itself is "New Austrian law" construction of an important part. The shotcrete anchor is supported by the front side of the front arch. The initial support includes the system anchor, steel frame, steel mesh, spray concrete. The initial support is followed by the excavation surface in time to reduce the exposure time of the surrounding rock, inhibit the displacement of the surrounding rock and prevent the loosening of the surrounding rock in the short term. In the operation of the shotcrete machine, the general use of concrete mixing outside the hole, through the concrete conveyor to the hole feeding, air compressor for the wind. Tidal spray combined with the wet spray, the surrounding rock is not a good amount of jet injection is not large, the use of tidal spray concrete technology. Tidal spray on the material quality, specifications are relatively low, easy to operate, but the dust is large, the quality of concrete is less wet spray. The surrounding rock is broken, the amount of spray is required, the thickness is large, the quality of concrete is high, the strength is fast and the supporting effect is good. It should adopt wet spray concrete technology. Two kinds of injection methods are provided by the outside of the mix. Bolts using a trolley drill, the use of drug-type anchor. The medicinal roll is easier to operate than the mortar anchor, and the quality of the anchorage ensures that the strength is improved quickly, so that the anchor can act in time.

Shotcrete machine in the mountain tunnel anchor bolt support construction process, with the cooperation of the drill car can be the perfect completion of the tunnel support tasks to ensure the smooth construction of the tunnel late. 

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