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Grouting pump common faults and processing methods in the grouting

2017-09-06 10:48:55

Grouting pump is a commonly used tool in plasma, the advent of grouting pump solves the crack is small, narrow construction site and other difficulties, in plugging grouting plays a magical effect, however, use for a long time grouting pump also can appear the fault of one sort or another, so, grouting pump in grouting of the common faults and processing methods have? Zhengzhou Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. next grouting pump gains company technical personnel experience is for everyone to do a simple, hope to help you in a moment when using grouting pump.
Zhengzhou Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. grouting pump technical personnel experience think during grouting common faults and processing methods in general has the following several kinds of common situations:
Failure 1: not suction pump
Reason: perfusion diversion don't apply, pump the air inside can't eduction, suction pipe leakage, liner and impeller clearance before.
The solution: continuous infusion water diversion, can reflect on pipeline leak, regulate the impeller and the former plate gap
Fault 2: pump water slowly
Reason: big, the water pipe liner and impeller clearance before means less than full sealed air, emptying.
The solution: eyelid clearance, water pipes, vacuum device installation.
Fault 3: the water pressure small, small flow rate
Reason: pump with air, impeller and top plate gap, separation of party closure is not tight, impeller or liner wear.
The solution: drain pump, eyelid clearance, separation of gas in party apparatus friction plate, and changing the impeller clearance or lining
Fault 4: water pump
Reason: the pump shaft with diesel engine (or motor) divided heart, impeller with scale, bearing damage.
The solution: regulate work degrees, and changing the bearing, impeller balancing test.
Fault 5: quick wear of impeller shaft neck
Reason: low dislocation, packing, high pressure water pump head pump shaft and the rear cover differences.
The solution: change above mud pump high pressure grout pump, a change in packing, nursing work.
Fault 6: quick wear of pump
Reason: the poor construction condition (particles), long walks far between, suction culvert.
The solution: change the fray, add strength, shorten the length of inlet pipe to reduce cavitation.
Above is grouting pump technical personnel manager fan for everyone about in grouting of the common faults and processing methods of induction, hope to be of help, if you still have what not clear place, can be directly call consulting company technical personnel, technical personnel will give you a satisfactory answer! 

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