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Wet shotcrete machine for high-speed rail tunnel construction

2017-09-05 10:08:05

China's high-speed rail construction of many large-scale projects have started, high-speed rail construction has entered the construction in full swing. In the construction of high-speed rail, high-speed rail tunnel construction is particularly critical, and wet shotcrete machine is an important high-speed railway tunnel construction equipment. Wet shotcrete machine optimize the upgrade, for the construction of high-speed rail to solve more substantive issues, for the tunnel anchor construction support meritorious service. Wet shotcrete machine can cope with different construction difficulties, adapted to any high-speed rail tunnel construction site.

LEC wet shotcrete machine is the first in the industry to introduce concrete wet spray process unit, a complete construction process program, designed for tunnel anchor spray design to build, replace the dry spray, tide spray operations, on behalf of the concrete jet construction technology development direction. Wet shotcrete machine cutting smoothly, can achieve wet concrete jet operations. Stable performance, a wide range of material slump to adapt to a wide range of materials can be reliable to achieve the expected efficiency of the work. Wet shotcrete machine is small size, light weight, easy to relatively small environment in the construction and conversion station. The dust concentration in the construction side is small, the environmental pollution is small, the injection rebound rate is small, which can effectively improve the spray quality and reduce the construction cost. Quick-setting agent using diaphragm pump to add, atomization delivery, quick agent can achieve the ratio of the non-polar adjustment and uniform mixing with the material. Wet spray rubber seal plate with floating steel structure of the patented sealing performance, long service life. 

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