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Grouting pump application in plasma

2017-09-07 15:25:42

Pit base, in the construction of the foundation pit engineering of risk control is a big part of the prevention and control of water, once the foundation pit occurs leakage, will be accompanied by a large number of soil and water loss, if not timely seal, will have serious consequences. Grouting method as kind of simple equipment, quick effect of plugging construction technology, mainly applied in plugging and towels and obtains good effect. Grouting pump is the core equipment in hair, so he is how to play a role in the plasma? Then give you explain grouting pump use magic in the plasma.
Grouting plugging the basic mechanism for grout injection by grouting equipment to 10 layers of seepage channels, through unceasingly serous solidification and accumulation, the seepage channel congestion solve the seepage problem. The mechanism of the plugging determines the technology is applied to solve small water leakage.
Plasma is under the condition of dynamic water construction, must according to the engineering actual situation, chooses the reasonable construction technology and grout, good effect can be achieved.
Plasma is simple equipment and process to the requirement of construction technology, construction speed, to meet the demand of the emergency project rapid response. Construction technology generally choose grouting tube grouting method, flower tube grouting method, pore forming construction under the condition of the smaller depth general vibration one way; Depth of larger selection construction speed of vibration type drilling rig drilling, however, put people plunge into the grouting pipe or spend in grouting. The situation is not very urgent, and grouting depth range is larger, can also be used in people one-way seal plastic valve tube hole, move up and down for SAP core tube. In strata are prone to collapse hole construction, grouting pipe or flowers may not be able to smooth manhole, also can choose pipe grouting method directly.
In the process of plasma, grouting pump as the core tools, certainly plays a huge role, in the construction of the difficult conditions, the more magical use of grouting pump in grouting leakage can give full play to the more, the division in supporting the production of grouting machine has high pressure, easy to control, stable performance and so on a lot of advantages, can satisfy the using demand of the customers a lot of places!
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Grouting pump application in plasma


Grouting pump

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