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Grout pump for sale in Australia

2018-09-08 10:26:08

Lead Equipment have been supplying grout pumps and colloidal grout plants for many companies over the past years and offer grout pumps for sale to clients throughout all over the world. Our range of grout pump for sale include electric motor grout pump, diesel engine grouting pump, and air power grouting pumps. Horizontial type grout pump for sale and vertical grout pumps for sale.

grouting pump

We offer grout pumps for sale to clients throughout Australia. Electric grout pumps, electric cement grouting pumps, or grouting pumps and colloidal grout pumps produced by us are widely used in the Australia. So if you want to order a grout pump Australia, just contact us.

As for the grouting liquid, only one liquid is single liquid goruting. If two liquids are using at the same time. It measn double liquid grouting method. As for the grout pump for sale Australia produced by us, double liquid grouting liquid could be injection at the same time.

grout pump

When using the two-liquid grouting pump to doing the grout job, different methods could be used according to the grouting job and grouting working site:

1. Continuous grouting method

Continuous grouting method means doing the grouting job from the beginning to the end. Continuously grouting until the grouting purpose is reached.

This grouting method is suitable for the case where the grouting layer or the cracking gap is fine, the water absorption of the borehole is small, and the amount of pulp is not large.

grout pump Australia

2. Intermittent grouting method

When the grouting passage is large, and the drilling unit consumes a large amount of grouting liquid, the intermittent grouting method can be adopted.

The length of the grouting time depends on the time required for the slurry to reach the initial setting, and the intermittent number depends on the rising speed of the orifice pressure.

sell grout pump in Australia

3. Series hole grouting method

The serial hole grouting method is two holes grouting in series.

This method is suitable for the slurrying of adjacent holes in the grouting process. When grouting, according to the water level and unevenness of the borehole, fresh water can be injected into the downstream grouting hole and then upstream.

grout pump for sale Australia

4. Joint grouting method

The joint grouting method is a combination of a plurality of grouting methods, and the grouting method can effectively solve many grouting problems of high water flow rate and high flow rate. If the water flow rate is large and the flow rate is small, the slurry which is not easily diluted by water may be used for grouting by intermittent grouting. If the flow rate and the flow speed rate are both large, the solid material with a larger specific gravity may be set before grouting. Fill the channel first, then doing the gouting and injection job. Quick-setting slurry, combined with various grouting methods for grouting.

grout pump for sale

Grout pump for sale Australia could be used for all the above grouting method. Lead Equipment had already sell grout pump in Australia, and with good feedbakcs. Pump flow from 40L/min and could up to 1700L/min. Pump pressure could up tp 45Mpa. For more information about grout pump for sale in Australia, please email us:

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