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Grass seeds hydroseeding machine

2018-09-10 13:53:09

Since the 1990s, national infrastructure investment has increased, but the problem of bare slopes caused by roads, railways, quarries, dams and other basic projects has become increasingly serious. The exposed slopes are 200 million to 300 million square meters per year. The speed of the meter increases. The aftereffects of infrastructure such as vegetation destruction and soil erosion have come to the fore. The application focus of the grass and seeds hydro seeding equipment has shifted from the past landscaping to the ecological restoration field.

grass and soil sprayer

The traditional grass seeds hydroseeding machine protective measures for these slopes are pure engineering measures such as cement and bricks, which are not only expensive but also have poor landscape effects. Spraying technology is recognized worldwide as a high-efficiency, low-cost bare slope vegetation restoration technology. The principle is to adopt the method of planting grass and irrigation trees to carry out landscape reconstruction on the bare slope. The construction cost is about 1/3 of the pure engineering cost, and the original vegetation of the area can be reproduced.

At present, the spraying technology has spread throughout the country and has been successfully applied in various types of projects. The ecological restoration problem caused by “historical debts” has increasingly become the application focus of the spraying technology. Soil spraying machinery and spray-on-access materials have been applied to dust-proof sand control, vegetation restoration on highway slopes, solidification and vegetation restoration of reservoir collapse, and restoration of mountain ecosystems on bare rock and gravel mixed slopes. The effect is good.

mud and seeds spraying machine

The goal of vegetation restoration is to reproduce the original vegetation or to rebuild a plant ecosystem that is not identical to the past. The focus of vegetation restoration on bare slopes is to restore soil function and diversify the plant environment.
China is a country with complex geological features, large climatic zones and relatively weak economic foundation. The slope is bare. How to adapt to the restoration of bare slope vegetation in different areas is the key to the application of the jetting machine.
In order to achieve ecological restoration of exposed slopes, it is necessary to consider the mechanical structure and geological, climatic and other factors. The slope below 35° is relatively flat, and it is easy to recover naturally. It can be done with a small spray machine. As for the slope above 65°, due to mechanical reasons, it is impossible to rely solely on the spray technique to achieve ecological restoration. The difficulty in ecological restoration with spray-on technology is the 45° to 65° slope. High-power, high-flow, high-concentration, high-range jets are popular.

grass seeds planting machine

Currently used in the high-steep slope engineering of the grass seeds planting machine, Gaodetec type grass and soil sprayer is one of the best-selling models, its maximum power is 125 kW, the tank capacity is 6-8 cubic, using professional design slurry pump It can transport a mixed slurry with a maximum solid content of 60% and a horizontal range of up to 100 meters.
The spraying technology is widely used in the world. The United States, Japan, Australia and European countries have mature technical equipment, and many of them have entered China. However, due to the limitations of China's domestic environment, there are few successful construction cases and the limitations are large. Therefore, in the Chinese market, the proportion of such equipment used abroad has decreased year by year.

grass and seeds hydroseeding equipment

According to China's natural conditions and actual national conditions, based on the principles of high efficiency, reliability, economy and application, the United States technology is mainly used to absorb the technical characteristics of Japan, Germany, Australia and other countries to realize the domestic spray-on-machine and spray-assisted materials industry. It is an effective way to accelerate the process of ecological restoration and construction in China. How to improve the mechanical efficiency and lift of the jetting will be the focus of its research. It has become the "main force" of ecological restoration. 

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