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Grout plant used for grouting cement

2019-10-14 18:22:22

LGP300/300/75 PI-E grout plant is a combination of mixer, agitator and grout pump in one plant. This grout pump is a double action piston pump high and reaches both high and low pressure injections. It may be modified on request. It also can be driven by electric motor or diesel engine. Grout plant used for grouting cement is mainly used in highway, railway, hydropower, construction, mining and other ground and underground construction.  

A standard grout plant for grouting system consists of A high shear mixer. It is used to obtain cement mortar through the intense mixing of water and cement and/or bentonite. The obtained mix is transported into an agitator or directly into a grout pump.
An agitator, which maintains in suspension mixes such as cement mortar or bentonite clay. The mix is transported directly to the grout pump.
A grout pump, with a double action piston used for cement mortar or bentonite injections with the use of manchette tubes, micropiles, geothermal injections and other geotechnical applications.

grout plant for grouting

The grouting pump should be easy to operate and safe and reliable to use. Because the slurry used in the grout plant used for grouting cement is prone to sedimentation and solidification, the grouting pump must ensure that it cannot be stopped in the middle of the grouting (preventive maintenance should be done before grouting). 
We are a professional grouting equipment manufacturer from China. Our aim is to equip and mix devices that can be supplied electrically or hydraulically. Performance and size can be adjusted to meet customer requirements. The grout pump can be a double effect piston pump or a continuous cavity screw pump. So, if you have any unclear about machine, please contact us in time. We will give you feedback at the first time. Hope we have a chance to serve you in the near future.

grout plant used for grouting cement

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