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Grout mixing tank and pump for sale

2018-11-19 10:03:10

When it comes to bentonite and cement grout, our grouting and mixing knowledgeable can advise you on what you will need to achieve the job at hand. Our one stop shop could supply you with equipment for mixing, storage and pumping equipment. Most compact grouting units come with a mixing tank and grouting pump, making your grouting and injection job that a little bit easier.

grout mixing tank and pump

Grout mixing tank and pump is designed for cement mixing and grouting projects. Now we have developed the full series of grout mixing tank and pump machine. With different flow, pressure and power. Model LGP400/700/80 PL E grout station is already reach to the word advanced technology, and has replace the USA and European grout mixing tank pump in China. Mixer volume is 400L and Agitator volume is 700L. Vertical plunger type grout pump, flow and pressure are adjustable. At low pressure 0-25bar, its flow is 0-80L/min. At high pressure 0-45bar, its flow is 0-58L/min. The whole system is suitable for water cement ratio is more than 0.5:1. As for the power, electric motor and diesel engine are all could be produced by us. The grout mixing tank and pump are widely used in tunnels, mining, dam foundations, soil permeation, soil & rock grouting, micro fine cements, waterproofing, penetration grouting, soil anchors, soil nails, rock bolts, pile encasements, and post tensioning, etc.

sell grout mixing tank and pump

As for the LGP400/700/80 PL E grout station, the high shear high speed mixer produces a superior higher shear colloidal mix and is in the industry leader position. So for one tank material mixing, just about 2-3 minutes. The vertical type plunger pump on the machine has been proven to be very durable and reliable. The grouting mixing tank and pump allows a single operator to manage all aspects of the plant, resulting in savings to labor costs. Pump output and all grout valves are controlled with ease. Many well-known and respected micro-tunneling and tunneling contractors now use the LGP400/700/80 PL E grout station. This machine helps to produce the highest quality grout possible. This product is a turnkey solution for your grout needs. Let us build one for your projects.

grout mixing tank and pump for sale

Lead Equipment grout mixing tank and pump for sale is designed with quality, productivity and easy operate in mind. Our company with the ISO certificate, SGS report. Each grout mixing tank and pump for sale is inspected and tested for the highest level of quality. The LGP series of grout mixing tank and pump for sale are also available in different tank sizes, and different pump capacity and pressure, also the machine power.

grout mixing tank pump

Lead Equipment has many years’ experience in manufacture and marketing of grout pumps as well as specific customer application requirements for grouting. Capacity and power could be customizing according to your projects. Sell grout mixing tank and pump for years and some of the engineers in the grouting field for more than 20 year. Ergonomic, space saving, central lifting position. Want to inquiry or order a grout mixing tank and pump for sale, please email us:

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