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The greening price cost per square of hydroseeding machine

2019-04-23 16:00:57

The biggest advantage of the greening of the hydroseeding machine is that it saves time, effort and convenience, and significantly reduces the construction cost. However, what is the price per square meter of the greening machine?

1. Three-dimensional network, the price per square is about 1.8-2 Yuan;

2. U-shaped nails, bamboo chopsticks, non-woven fabrics add up to about 0.2 Yuan per square price;

3. Planting soil, raw materials can be taken locally, not included in the greening price range of the jetting machine;

4. Cattle and sheep manure or compound fertilizer, according to the adaptation of soil quality, the price per square is about 0.3 Yuan;

5. Spray grass seeds, according to 25-40 grams per square, the price is about 1 Yuan;

6. Water retention agent, adhesive 8 to 10 grams per square, the price is about 0.25 Yuan.

The greening price of the hydroseeding machine is composed of the above items, and the above items can be added to obtain the price per square.

greening price of hydroseeding machine

greening cost of hydroseeding machine

The hydroseeding machine can be used not only in the highway (railway) slope greening, slope protection, mountain treatment, mine regreening, desert management, landfill treatment, etc., but it is also superior in the desert environment.

1. In the desert environment, it can be planted, fertilized and watered once, reducing planting costs, speeding up construction, and effectively improving the germination rate and survival rate of grass seeds;

2. The hydroseeding machine is small in size and convenient to move. At the same time, according to the actual situation, the diesel engine power can be replaced with motor power, and the wheel can be installed. The use in the desert environment can reduce the cost and facilitate the machine in the unsuitable vehicle. Moving in and out of the place;

3. The hydroseeding machine has a horizontal spiral conveying stirring system and a reflux vertical flushing system, which can effectively stir the materials evenly and improve the germination rate and growth speed of the seeds in the desert environment;

4. The hydroseeding machine comes with a direct universal spray system and a pipe-spraying system. In the desert environment, different spray methods can be adopted according to different spray requirements to improve efficiency and reduce labor.

With the development of hydro seeding machine technology, its advantages in the use of desert environment will be more significant.

price of hydroseeding machine


greening price cost per square of hydroseeding machine

cost of hydroseeding machine

Matters needing attention when using hydroseeding machine to spray grass seeds:

Although the grass seed is the specialty of the hydroseeding machine, some operators have been very successful, and some operators have ended up failing. What are the reasons?

1. The soil should be analyzed before spraying and improved if necessary.

2. Pay attention to the necessary treatment of the slope, including land preparation, fertilization, to meet the requirements of grass seed spray.

3. Pay attention to the choice of substrate, the substrate is an important factor to ensure the success of spray, and the proportion of sprayed substrate should be appropriate to ensure the germination and growth of grass seeds.

4. Pay attention to the amount of water retaining agent and binder. The water retaining agent should be adjusted according to the climatic conditions and the characteristics of the stone field. The binder should be determined according to the slope of the stone wall and proportional to the slope.

5. Pay attention to adding appropriate amount of chemical fertilizer to the hydraulic spray machine to ensure that the grass seeds can grow vigorously after sprouting.

6. Pay attention to the choice of grass species. When spraying, choose suitable lawn seeds or stolons, and determine the seeding rate. The grass species to be sprayed should be perennial varieties with developed roots, fast growing, drought-resistant and barren-resistant; If the winter is cold, the frost resistance of the variety should also be considered.

7. Pay attention to the mixed seeding of grass seeds, and use the complementarity of grass species, such as deep root and shallow root, leguminous and grassy, ​​foreign and local, early development and late development.

8. The spray is completed, pay attention to the timely management and maintenance of the spray-casting area, determine the sprinkler irrigation plan and irrigation amount according to meteorological conditions, and takes appropriate moisturizing measures when necessary.

Use the hydroseeding machine to spray the grass seeds, pay attention to the above matters in order to successfully spread the spray and achieve the desired results. 

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