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Grass seeding spraying machine for vegetation restoration

2019-11-29 18:37:30

Grass seeding spraying machine for vegetation restoration
Grass seeding spraying machine can be used for vegetation restoration, dust sand control, vegetation restoration on highway slopes, solidification of reservoir collapses, and restoration of mountain ecosystems of bare rock and gravel mixed slopes. The use of grass seeding spraying machines to improve the green area of China is an effective method.

grass seeding spraying machine

In order to achieve ecological restoration of bare slopes, it is necessary to consider mechanical structure and geology, climate and other factors. The slope below 35°is relatively flat and is easy to recover naturally. It can be done with a small sprayer. For slopes above 65°, it is not possible to rely solely on spray technology for ecological restoration due to mechanical reasons. At a slope of 45° to 65°, ecological restoration can be carried out using the spray technology of the grass seeding spraying machines. Therefore, high-power, high-flow, high-concentration, high-range grass seeding spraying machine are very popular.

grass seeding spraying machine for sale

Grass seeding spraying machines generally consist of two transmission modes, namely mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission. Mechanical transmission is a relatively long lasting and versatile transmission method. It uses a chain to drive the mixing shaft to stir and complete the spraying. The structure is simple, easy to maintain, and versatile in operation. The hydraulic transmission is a new type of transmission that is driven by a hydraulic motor. The hydraulic oil pump achieves the agitation and spraying of the guest soil sprayer, which is light, flexible, small in size, and has no common malfunction of mechanical agitation in the high-speed rotation of the machine.

,grass seeding spraying machine for vegetation restoration

At present, the high-steep slope engineering for grass seeding spraying machines, Lead Equipment's grass seeding spraying machine is one of our best-selling models, we have also developed a variety of different types of grass seeding spraying machines to achieve customers. For the needs of different projects, the maximum power is 125 kW, the tank capacity is 6-8 cubic meters, and it can transport the mixed mud with the maximum solid content of 60% and the horizontal range of up to 100 meters with professional design mud pump.

grass seeding spraying machine for dust sand control

Lead Equipment grass seeding spraying machine features:
1. The main structural material is high quality structural steel. Regardless of the harsh conditions, it ensures that the planter is robust and reliable. And it looks reasonable and generous. Painted with imported paint to ensure no fading for three years.
2. Advanced technology, even suitable for poor fluidity, no clogging, no downtime, a variety of materials adaptability, output pressure of large mud material.
3. Two mixing modes, namely blade mixing and round spraying, are powerful enough to ensure that the spray mixture is fully suspended and thoroughly mixed during planting to evenly distribute the raw material mixture at a time.
4. Strong power, the maximum lift can reach more than 80m, and is equipped with a variety of spray guns, the maximum use range is extended to 300m; fan nozzle or spray spray is more suitable for coke planting to meet various requirements.
5. Grass seeding spraying machine is widely used, not only for rice, grass, hair, flowers, seeds and other crops, but also for daily soil improvement work such as irrigation, fertilization, pesticide spraying. The machine can also mix different materials such as seeds, fertilizers, soil improvers, seed binders, moisturizers, straw, fiber covering materials, yellow soil, red soil, sandy soil and clay, with a high uniform distribution and high concentration. And high slurry. If you need a high-efficiency, high-performance grass seeding spraying machine, please contact

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