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Where to buy plastering machine

2019-12-03 16:46:18

Where to buy plastering machine
Double cylinder & double-acting, ball valve, quick clamp connection, operation and cleaning conveniently. Paddles in hopper with Reciprocating movement, prevent hopper materials deposition .
You only need a multifunctional mortar spraying machine, which can do 20 people's work and get one's salary. With it, you can get more work done with less effort. you deserve to buy plastering machine.  Also plastering machine cost is lower than labor cos.
1. Fast enough
A plastering machine for sale can easily spray 150m2 per hour. Excluding the preparation time, it can work for 8 hours per hour. It can spray more than 1000m2, which is equivalent to 20 skilled workers working hard for one day.
2. Standard enough
Adjust the machine, spray evenly and save material, and there is almost no ground dust.
3. Simple enough
4. Simple operation, you can learn to get started.

where to buy plastering machine

Advantages and characteristics of plastering machine for sale:
1: This machine is an electric double piston high pressure mortar spraying machine, which is easy to operate and maintain, and can be skillfully operated without special training.
2: Diversified functions, can spray mortar cement, fireproof and temperature-resistant materials, dry powder, putty and other materials.
3: The spraying amount is uniform, the power is stable, and there is no intermittent pulse phenomenon, so that the engineering quality is guaranteed.
4: Strong spray adhesion, no slurry falling, no sliding, no flowing.
5: Reasonable and humanized design makes the machine beautiful and practical, and it is convenient for one person to move back and forth.
6: The practical machine can not only greatly shorten the construction period, save time and effort, but also eliminate the cost and time of scaffolding.
7: High efficiency The workload of 150 square meters per hour can replace the workload of more than a dozen workers every day, saving labor costs of at least 2,000 yuan.
8: The connection between the spray gun and the feeding tube can be rotated, and the yin and yang corners and the top plate can be sprayed freely for easy operation.

sell plastering machine,

Plastering machine price is very competitive in the market. We are plastering machine factory from China, hope to serve you in the near future.
If you want to buy 
plastering machine or want to have plastering machine price, you can contact me freely. We are plastering machine factory, supplier and manufacturer for 20 years, we can supply you with plastering machine cost.

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