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How to buy a fully sealed hose pump?

2018-05-11 11:57:15

The fully sealed hose pump is based on the existing semi-hermetic technology and is updated with the exception that the fully sealed hose pump can be filled with a suitable amount of hose pump coolant in the pump housing. Frictional heat allows the hose to operate at the proper temperature, thereby extending the life of the entire pump body. So how can we choose a hose pump suitable for their working conditions, the following Leadcrete for you to sum up some points for reference.

 fully sealed hose pump

Model Selection: Although hose pumps work the same, they still have many differences in the working principle and design of the hose. These differences are reflected in their different models, which can be purchased according to the model to make the appropriate choice.

 sealed hose pump

Media properties: Based on the chemical nature of the transfer liquid, look up the chemical compatibility table of the hose pump tubing and determine which material to use for the hose pump tubing. Depending on the flow rate of the transfer fluid, the combination of the drive and the hose pump hose allows the required fluid delivery.


System pressure: Consider the system pressure of the pipeline, including back pressure (outlet pressure) and suction height. Different pressures have certain requirements on the pipeline and drive. Control requirements, manual control or remote control and control signal form. Environmental protection requirements for drive and pump heads.


Pump head selection: The selection of the hose pump head is directly related to the wall thickness of the pump tube. Select the appropriate pump head type according to the different wall thickness of the pump tube. The chemistry of the fluid is related to the hose pump head material, and the material that is resistant to fluid corrosion is selected.

Drive selection: Select the appropriate pump head according to the determined hose. Determine the drive speed according to the flow rate of the transfer liquid and the selected pump head. After determining the speed, select the appropriate drive type according to the function requirements.


We can design your own product based on your needs and actual conditions and material properties.


How to better protect the hose pump


With so many advantages, the hose pump has prominent display and advantages in nonferrous metal smelting, gold smelting, mining and food processing. A relatively high-quality hose pump can generally be used for 7-10 years. There is no problem at all. The most difficult part of the hose pump is the hose, which is the most important part of the hose pump. Ah, it is all about the importance of whether or not it can continue to work.


There are many people who have used this object before and they have been saying that in fact, the abrasive medium is the deadliest decision for the hose pump. In fact, this is completely wrong. Abrasive media does produce a certain amount of wear on the tube wall inside the hose, which causes the internal flow rate to decrease; the internal leakage accelerates the wear of the inner wall more; however, the higher quality hose pump is All have automatic adjustment function. In the absence of consideration of the transport medium and whether they want to repel this situation, the life of the hose is the same for both media. There is no big difference. So, in other words, the fact that the hose is not working properly is due to the number of compressions and the damage to the inner wall caused by the frictional heat. This is the main reason. Therefore, if you want to maximize the life of the hose pump, it is less wear.


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