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How do dry shotcrete machine work

2018-05-09 19:33:25

Knowing how dry shotcrete machine works can help the construction project.

1. First, before the dry spraying machine begins to spray concrete, old belts should be laid at the spraying site so as to collect the rebound material. The rebound rate should not exceed 10%.

2. Open water, open air, adjust the amount of water, to maintain the wind pressure must not be less than 0.4 MPa, water pressure should be higher than the wind pressure of about 0.1MPa, plus the amount of water with the shooter's experience to control the water-cement ratio of 0.4.

3. Spray hand operation nozzle, flush the rock face from top to bottom.

4. Power transmission, start spraying machine, on the material spraying concrete operation.

5. According to the feeding situation again adjust the wind pressure and water volume, to ensure that the spray surface no dry spots, no runny, strong adhesion, less rebound material.

6. The sprayer sprays in sections in the order from the bottom to the top of the wall.

7. When spraying concrete, the sprayer should be sprayed vertically as far as possible. The included angle should not be less than 70 degrees.

8. During the spraying operation, the trajectory of the nozzle should be in a spiral shape. According to the diameter of 200-300mm, the method of round pressing a semi-circle moves evenly and slowly.

9. A shot of concrete thickness of 50 ~ 70mm, and timely re-spray, re-spray interval time shall not exceed 2 hours. Otherwise, use high-pressure water to re-flush the sprayed surface.

10. It should be equipped with two people, one person holding the nozzle jet, one person auxiliary lighting and responsible for contact, observe the top of the security and jet quality.

11. After the jetting operation is over, the sequence of operation shall be as follows: first stopping the material, stopping the water, and then shutting off the power and finally closing the wind.

12. After spraying the concrete, unload the sprinkler, clean mortar or material inside and outside the sprayer, and wind the pipe and pipe.

13. Clean up and collect rebound materials, and use clean materials on the shift. 

dry shotcrete machine

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