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Cellular light weight concrete foam machine used for CLC plant

2019-04-28 18:26:18

Cellular light weight concrete foam machine is composed of 4 parts: foam generator, screw conveyor, mixer and foam concrete pump. And our design is more compact, had been put foam generator into the cellular light weight concrete foam machine, very convenient to use and operate.

Cellular light weight concrete foam machine

Cellular light weight concrete foam machine
is used to make foam concrete pouring, often used in floor heating insulation layer.

In the past, the floor heating insulation layer was generally made of foamed plastic, but now a large number of floor heating insulation layers have been converted to foam concrete. The use of foam concrete insulation has many advantages compared with foam, mainly in the following aspects. 

1. Reduce the risk of foam plastics. Generally, if polystyrene foam is used as the insulation layer, it will cause great harm. If the hot water in the water pipe is more than 50 °C for a long time, the foam will decompose and shrink, the heat preservation may decrease or disappear, and the styrene released by decomposition will cause dizziness, chest tightness, nausea, and a series of poisoning symptoms. . And our foam concrete will not be pyrolyzed, and it is non-toxic and harmless, and it is green and heat-insulated.

Cellular light weight concrete foam machine pouring

2. Foamed concrete overcomes the shortage of ground settlement cracking after foam shrinkage. In normal work, the foam concrete does not shrink and the ground does not crack.

3. Foamed concrete also overcomes the shortcomings of making the floor screed before the foam insulation layer is paved. The foam concrete insulation layer can be directly poured on the floor slab, no need to do screed, which can shorten the construction period and save materials.

If you are interested in foam concrete insulation later, we can provide cellular light weight concrete foam machine. If you want to know more about the machine, please feel free to contact us.

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