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Best price of hydroseeder machine

2019-05-27 11:51:39

The hydroseeder machine is mainly made of light material spraying. If you want best price of hydroseeder machine, you can contact us directly. We have hydroseeder machine for sale to many countries. It is suitable for artificial re-greening, pure grass fiber for soil slope, soil rock slope, covering three-dimensional net and other slopes with slow slope and low slope height. The operation or the appropriate amount of soil for the spraying operation can be formed at one time. In the construction of the site, according to the slope situation, the amount of soil can be increased, the amount of grass fiber and wood fiber is reduced, the construction cost is greatly reduced, the construction speed is accelerated, and the germination rate and survival rate of the grass species are effectively improved.

Best price of hydroseeder machine for sale

Leadcrete hydroseeder machine manufacturer, specializing in the production of grass seed spraying machine, guest soil spraying machine, high-order pellet spraying machine, guest soil spraying equipment, drum crushing screen Extension; 10 years of experience in R&D and production of jet seeding machines, nine patents related to jetting machines, 12,000 square meters of modern factories, 3,000 square meters of comprehensive experimental office buildings, and the establishment of a central area slope greening technology and equipment engineering technology research center.

We have mechanical hydro seeder machine has PB4040 grass seed spraying machine, PB6083 grass seed spraying machine, PB8083 grass seed spraying machine and other grass seed spraying machine models.

Hydro seeder machine is commonly used in high-speed public (iron) road slope greening, golf course grass planting, large-scale lawn planting, desert management, river embankment protection, large-scale green land reconstruction and other greening projects.

If the soil particles used are too large, the soil should be crushed and screened using a roller compacted sieving machine. The maximum particle size of the general soil spray machine is less than 25 mm. The construction site equipment of the guest soil spray also needs the loader to be responsible for loading and loading and unloading the soil; the truck: the length of 6.8 meters or more, the load of 14 tons, for the mobile operation of the guest soil spray machine; the gasoline pump or the water pump: for pumping, can also be used Waterwheel and other related equipment. 

hydroseeder machine

hydroseeder machine price

price of hydroseeder machine


hydroseeder machine for sale

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