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Foam concrete used in railway tunnel system construction

2019-06-19 16:08:41

Foam concrete are made by foam concrete can be used in railway tunnel system construction.

The replacement schemes for the two lightweight materials of foam concrete and EPS board are basically the same, and the intention of reducing the load on the top of the tunnel and the pressure of the base can be achieved. The construction process is:

(1) After the construction of the tunnel structure is completed, the side of the tunnel is backfilled and compacted, and the top surface of the tunnel is also backfilled with a certain thickness of the fill;

(2) Continuous filling and compaction on both sides of the tunnel, and reserve space for filling the unloaded material;

(3) Backfilling lightweight materials.

The top surface of the foam concrete and the pavement structure layer are directly laid. The EPS board is required to have a layer of reinforced concrete slab on its top surface to disperse the vehicle load because of the low strength of the material.

 Foam concrete machine


Second, the function comparison of foam concrete materials.

Foamed concrete: the common bulk density scale is 3~10kN/m3, the compaction strength scale is 0.4~5.0MPa, and the shrinkage modulus scale is 80~1000MPa.

EPS board: the common bulk density scale is 0.12~0.30kN/m3, the compaction strength scale is 35~110kPa, and the tightening modulus scale is 14~36MPa. The greater the bulk density of the EPS board, the greater its strength and tightening modulus. For example, as a replacement material, the bulk density of the EPS board is usually 0.30 kN/m3.

It can be seen from the comparison of the functions of foam concrete and EPS board that the EPS board has a small bulk density, but its compacting strength and modulus are small, and it is prone to large shrinkage deformation under load. The EPS board in the replacement filling scale and the unfilled soil parts on both sides are also prone to uneven settlement, causing cracks on the ground.

The bulk density of foam concrete is much larger than that of EPS board, but its compaction strength and modulus are high. As a kind of special concrete data, almost no post-construction settlement occurs.

Third, the project cost comparison.

Regarding the same replacement, the replacement thickness of foam concrete is 3.6m, the thickness of the EPS board is 2.5m, and the replacement volume is 16m according to the replacement width.

Foam concrete plan: light soil 57.6m3, cost USD3987;

EPS board plan: EPS board 40m3, reinforced concrete board 16m2, cost USD4185.

Foam concrete machine

Our foam concrete machine is all in one machine, including foam generator, concrete mixer, screw or belt feeder, foam concrete pump, control panel and wheels, very convenient to operate and move. It is not only used in railway tunnel system construction, but also used in clc blocks making, floor hating, roof insulation, wall panels,etc. We also provide related products, such as, foam agent, mould, wire cutting machine, etc. If you have any questions about our foam concrete machine, please feel free to contact us.

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