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Shotcrete machine for fiber reinforced shotcrete

2019-06-22 18:58:58

Shotcrete machine for fiber reinforced is divided into dry mix shotcrete machine and wet mix shotcrete machine according to different concrete mixing and conveying process. For dry spraying, materials aggregate size is very important, usually could not more than 15mm.

fiber reinforced shotcrete machine

Dry mix shotcrete machine

The most important influence on the quality of concrete is the water-cement ratio, which can only be achieved by high-level operation of workers. The use of wet spray is much more trouble-free. The sprayer does not need to care about the accuracy of the water volume control. As long as the water-cement ratio is controlled during mixing, the polypropylene fiber is added in an amount of 0.9kgm3, of which 5 % lubrication, which will reduce the friction between the conveying wall and the aggregate, thus reducing the pumping pressure. 

Shotcrete machine for fiber reinforced shotcrete

Wet mix shotcrete machine

The spraying operation should be carried out in stages from the bottom to the top. The distance from the nozzle to the working surface is generally 0.8~1.0m. the spraying angle should be controlled at 80-90. the wind pressure at the nozzle is generally controlled at 03-05Mpa.The nozzle should move in a spiral path.

The addition of polypropylene fiber to the shotcrete can improve the viscosity of the concrete: it can form a thick spray thickness on the rock wall, and the smoothness of the spray surface is better; the rebound rate can be greatly reduced: the concrete can be made  The crack resistance and toughness are obviously improved, and the construction cost is effectively saved.  In summary, under the same strength requirements, the addition of polypropylene fiber to shotcrete is economically and reasonable compared to spraying ordinary concrete, and is guaranteed in quality.
Usually, in order to recommend suitable machine for customer’ project, we need know output capacity, max. aggregate size customers require, and want dry mix shotcrete machine or wet mix shotcrete machine.

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