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The advantages of foam concrete to warm the floor

2018-04-19 11:58:30

1. Cleanness and health: The floor heating system can effectively promote blood circulation in the foot, thereby improving systemic blood circulation, promoting metabolism, and inhibiting cardiovascular diseases. It is particularly suitable for the elderly and children, especially for patients with arthritis and old cold legs. There is prevention and control effect.

2. Beautiful and generous: After the installation of the entire system, the interior no longer has a radiator and its branches, virtually increase the indoor use of 2% to 3% of the area, not only to facilitate the decoration and furniture layout, for tens of thousands of dollars per square meter of housing prices.

3. Long life: floor heating up to 50 years or more almost the same life with the building, greatly reducing the radiator running, drip, leaking and maintenance, etc. to the resident troubles.

4. High-efficiency sound insulation: The use of prefabricated panels or cast-in-place boards has poor soundproofing effect. Walking upstairs will affect the downstairs. The use of floor heating will increase the insulation layer, and it will have a very good sound insulation effect, which can reduce noise pollution and the heating process. There is no noise in it, which is beneficial to the family's physical and mental health.

foam concrete to warm the floor

LD10 cellular lightweight concrete machine is a small automatic cellular light weight concrete machinery according our many years of working experience. The cellular lightweight concrete machine includes a feeder, a mixer, a set of foaming system and a pump. This cellular lightweight concrete machine capacity is 10 cubic meter per hour, which is special design for village and county market. The excellent foam concrete machine can put directly on the truck to warm the floor.

LD10 foam cement machine to warm the floor

1. The weight of the light weight concrete equipments is light, which is convenient to move or hang to floor for warm the floor construction.
2. The cellular lightweight concrete machine is exquisite even as the cheese, all kinds of foaming agent both at home and abroad can be used.
3. The cellular lightweight concrete machine is also widely used in: to warm the floor,foamed concrete cut into parts, light wall space, fire prevention door plank core chlorine magnesium oxide and glassy magnesium foamed cement production line of the environmental protection, such as composite duct foaming auxiliary equipment,and with the character of large amount of foam, use convenient.

foam produced by foam cement machine


applications of the lightweight concrete machine


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