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Foam concrete strength design

2018-11-23 14:38:35

The foam concrete manufacturers stated that the foam concrete's preparation strength must be greater than its strength standard value of 3%-10%, giving it surplus strength.
In the strength design, based on the bulk density, in the case of ensuring bulk density, design strength values that meet the technical requirements of the foam concrete product. In the design of strength, it should also be noted that the strength should be based on the performance of the foam concrete product that meets this density grade, and it is not possible to pursue the unnecessary high strength with reference to the usual compact concrete.
In fact, foam concrete itself is a kind of low-strength material, and it is impractical and unnecessary to require it to have high strength.
For example, the compressive strength of 0.6MPa for foam concrete for floor heating has already met the requirements for use. The 0.4MPa compressive strength of foam concrete for exterior insulation systems has also been in line with technical requirements. The compressive strength of 0.8MPa for foam concrete for roof insulation can also meet the requirements for use.

In fact, it is not simple to control the strength of foam concrete. Cement dosage, concrete mix ratio, binder material type, water-cement ratio, foam amount, foaming agent, curing method and other admixtures all affect the density of foam concrete.

How to control the strength of the foam concrete?

For example, how to control the foam amount of the foam concrete? We can use the foam concrete machine, especially use the foam concrete machine with frequency converter. Here, we can recommend a foam concrete machine that contains the frequency converter , so we can solve this problem.

Choose a reliable kind of foam agent is also a good method to control the strength of the foam concrete. Because good foam agent can produce more and fine foam.

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