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Cellular light weight concrete foam concrete mixing machine

2018-11-21 10:08:47

Foam concrete is recognized by many countries, such as, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, India, etc. As a professional foam concrete block mixing machine supplier, we have dedicated in this area for 10 years.

foam concrete block mixing machine

Foamed concrete, also known as foamed concrete, is formed by foaming and adding foaming agent to slurry made of cementitious materials, admixtures, modifiers, water, etc., which are formed by mixing, casting, nature curing. A new type of lightweight insulation material containing a large number of closed pores.

light weight concrete block mixing machine

It is a bubble-like insulation material, which is characterized by the formation of closed foam holes in the concrete to make the concrete lighter and insulated. The foam holes in the foam concrete block are not connected, so the foam concrete block has good heat preservation performance, low water permeability and good sound insulation effect.
The production of foam concrete block, the foaming agent is physically foamed by the foaming machine, and then the bubbles are added to the cement. Mixed in the slurry, the foam concrete block is cured at room temperature or dry heat.
Foam concrete block made by light weight concrete block mixing machine has many unique performances:

1. Lightweight and high strength, reduce building load: dry density 320-1200kg/m3, which is 1/5-1/8 of ordinary concrete or block.

2. Good thermal insulation, sound insulation performance: its thermal conductivity of 0.06-0.16w / m.k, 24cm thick wall insulation is 58dB, to meet the building exterior wall, household wall insulation, sound insulation requirements.

3. Good compression performance: compressive strength is greater than 0.5Mpa, the highest strength can reach more than 10.5Mpa.

4. Good shock resistance: Because the foam concrete block is a porous material, it has a low modulus of elasticity, so that it has good absorption and dispersion effect on the shock load, and the foam concrete block is light in weight, effectively reducing the building.

5. No cracking, long service life: foam concrete block will not appear cracking and empty drum phenomenon, no need to brush the interface agent when used, anti-aging performance is outstanding, long service life.

6. Good water resistance: the water absorption of foam concrete material is less than 10%, which is obviously different from other wall self-insulation materials.

cellular foam concrete block mixing machine

So if you want to make foam concrete block, our cellular foam concrete block mixing machine is perfectly match your requirements. Our cellular foam concrete block mixing machine is 5-in-1 machine, includes foaming system, feeding system, mixing system, pumping system and control system, very convenient to operate. And also, we provide operational guide on line for free.
Of course, we also provide moulds for you to make foam concrete block. Our moulds have two types: interlocking moulds and solid moulds. For the interlocking moulds, we have 600*250*150mm(6 pieces per mould) and 550*275*300mm(6 pieces per mould) for your option.
For the solid moulds, we have 600*200*100mm (20 pieces per mould) and 600*200*200mm (10 pieces per mould) for your option. If you need other sizes, we could specially customize for you.

foam concrete block mixing

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