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Foam concrete machine for filling voids in the foundation settlement

2017-11-27 11:40:35

Cracks in concrete floors often indicate slab foundation settlement problems. This issue is most commonly found in “slab-on-grade” homes and buildings. It's when the floor slab is closer to the surface of the ground and therefore more affected by changes in the soil beneath.

When changes occur in the moisture content and density of the soils beneath a concrete slab, the result is usually foundation settlement. An example of these changes would be the soils drying up due to extended drought-like conditions. Or it could be attributed to loosely compacted fill soils that consolidate beneath a slab.

Foam concrete now is the best material for filling the voids. Instead of a mixture of concrete and mud, we advise to utilize a high-density polyurethane to raise cracked, settled slabs. It starts with a chemical reaction that causes the foam to expand with powerful force, pushing settled concrete up toward its original, level position. It will also flow into loose soil, filling voids caused by the settlement. And it is used to fill the voids beneath a concrete slab lifted by the pier system.

Our LD2000 foam concrete mixer and LD30 foam concrete pump is the ideal foam concrete machine for filling the voids. Any demand of such project, please contact us for more support. 

Foam concrete machine for filling voids in the foundation settlement

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