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Which basic inspection should be done when check grouting pump

2017-11-24 18:53:06

Due to the particularity of the working conditions of the grouting pump, after using for a long time, some minor problems usually occur, so it is necessary to check the grouting pump for a long time. However, in general, which basic inspection should be done when check grouting pump?

1. The use of a long time, the circuit is easy to aging, so the need for the electronic control system of each line contacts are solid, there is no leakage phenomenon to do a comprehensive inspection.

2. Check the reducer in the lubricating oil is sufficient, so as to avoid the use of oil due to lack of machinery caused major failure.

3. Check the fastening of the various parts of the machine fastening is solid and reliable, in order to prevent loosening of the various parts of the connection caused by inefficiencies and safety hazards.

4. A short time to start the machine, look for the machine to listen to the sound in order to grasp the rotation (note the direction of operation is consistent with the arrow direction, pay attention to avoid friction plate fever) is good.

5. Check the sealing plate applied to the clamping pressure leak, to ensure that the grouting pressure to achieve the desired degree of pressure.

To do a good job inspection work can’t be ignored when grouting pump used for a long time. It is not only to ensure that the grouting pump performance inspection, but also safe production needed. 

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