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Application of foam concrete in civil engineering

2017-12-14 11:16:15

Foam concrete in civil engineering is widely used, as follows:

1. Municipal road project

(1) Road construction

Foam concrete in road construction is mainly used in soft soil embankment, bridge head embankment, backfill and so on. Utilizing the light property of foam concrete to construct embankment in deep soft soil area, it can effectively reduce the additional stress of foundation and reduce the settlement of roadbed so that subsidence of roadbed can be controlled within the allowable range. When used in bridgehead embankment, the bridge and bridgehead can be reduced Poor settlement, to provide more comfortable driving conditions; in the wall backfill construction project, the use of lightweight concrete foam and self-reliance, can reduce the lateral pressure retaining wall, wall can reduce the retaining wall Body size, reduce the bearing capacity of the retaining wall on the foundation.

(2) Road renovation and expansion project

Foam concrete is generally used in high-grade road embankment widening in soft soil area in the road reconstruction and expansion project. The lightweight concrete of foam concrete is used to reduce the difference of settlement between new roadbed and old roadbed.

(3) Road maintenance and conservation projects

In the maintenance of road maintenance projects, foam concrete because of its own lightness, mobility, durability, ease of construction, etc., can be used for embankment slip control, bridge headhunter management, basic control of the area, culvert disease Governance, abandoned pipe backfill.

2. Underground engineering

In urban underground engineering, the use of lightweight concrete foam can play a compensatory basis to reduce the additional stress of underground structures to ensure the safety of the engineering structure. For example, in underground tunnel construction, the design of tunnel structure requires that the load of soil cover must be within the range that the structure can withstand. If the actual load of soil cover exceeds the capacity of the structure, the load on the overburden must be reduced. The use of cast-in-place foam concrete for replacement, compared with the underground tunnel structure to re-consolidate much simpler and easier, and low cost, with obvious technical and economic advantages.

3. Harbor water conservancy project

The use of foam concrete as port gravity retaining wall material can not only meet the requirements of anti-slide stability of the top surface of the bed, but also meet the stability requirements of anti-overturning on the front toe of the retaining wall. At the same time, the stress of the foam concrete retaining wall is smaller, For smaller foundation, the larger retaining wall has better applicability. Foam concrete has recently become a popular choice for backfill materials behind walls, making full use of its small capacity, high strength, fast construction speed and simple construction, which effectively reduces the impact of backfill of the wall on the bank protection The load on the wall minimizes the impact of heightening and reinforcement on the revetment.

4. Filling project

In civil works, for some small underground space, such as the construction of the foundation pit and underground pipe works around the gap, as people and machinery can’t be carried out operations or space is too small to backfill dense, making it a major difficulty in construction. The use of cast-in-place foam concrete can be pumped by the hose, pouring construction site occupies a very small space, pouring with high mobility, after pouring can be cured without mechanical rolling or vibrating advantage, backfill these special holes, It achieves the effect of simple construction and backfilling. It provides a completely new technical means to solve the problem of empty backfill.

In-situ foam concrete is used to fill the mined-out area of ​​the mine to exert the special effect of the foam on the liquidity. The filling has the obvious advantages of high seed setting rate, high filling rate and high receiving rate, which can obviously improve the filling efficiency and the quality of the filling body. These advantages make the technology of cast-in-place foam concrete applicable to a large area of filling and mining and old goaf filling and treatment engineering.

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foam concrete in civil engineering

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