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Automatic foam concrete machine from China

2018-07-09 16:19:08

Lightweight concrete is widely used for modem construction as it is mortar less and can be produced with different densities. Lightweight concrete also known as aerated, cellular lightweight concrete, or foam concrete. Foam concrete is classified as lightweight concrete because it contains no large aggregates, only fine aggregate like fine sand, cement, water and foam.

Foam concrete is widely used in construction field and quite popular for some application because of its light weight such as reduction of dead load, faster building rates in construction and lower haulage and handling costs. It also has several advantages because of its porous nature; it provides thermal insulation and considerable saving in materials. The important application of foam concrete includes structural elements, nonstructural partitions and thermal insulating materials. Manufacturers developed foam concretes of different densities to suit the requirements. The density of foam concrete ranges from 300-1800 kg/M3 and these products were used in trench reinstatement, bridge abutment, void filling, roof insulation, road sub base, wall construction, tunneling etc.

A automatic foam concrete machine not only help you to produce high performance foam concrete ,but also save much time, labor and raw material. LF10D is our new product of automatic foam concrete machine, also is one of most advanced machine from China. The features of this automatic foam concrete machine are:

1. Duplex full-hydraulic driven system to ensure high output pressure for high-rise construction.

2. Duplex mixer system to ensure continuous production and uniform density. This design can improve capacity and save labor greatly.

3. Automatically control the proportion of the various components, density of foaming cement easy to be adjusted.

4. High-quality wear resistant components for long service-life and also provide after-sales service security.

5. Installed with walk round, can move on the ground or mounted on the truck.

6. Air cooling system, without dependence of external water.

7. Equipped with wired remote controller, easy to operate.

8. Can be used as cement foaming machine and mortar pump. 

Automatic foam concrete machine from China

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