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How to greening by using a easy lawn hydroseeder for sale

2018-03-01 17:55:56

If planting a relatively large area, hydroseeder for sale can be completed in a very short period of time. The greening process is easy to done as the following:

1. The lope treatment

Before hanging net, the slope should smooth. Workers should treat the slope, especially for the high convex and low-lying slopes. It should be fully leveled and filled. The smoothness of the slope directly affects the evenness of the netting and the one- Cover forming rate.

2. The anchor stage

Anchor bolt and hang net can be done according to the slop. The top of the roof should bear the weight, so anchor bolt density can be increased. The slope may be appropriate to reduce the bolt density. The smoothness of the net directly affects the effect of the later sowing. The better the coverage of the net is, the smaller the number of repeated sowing is and the lower the cost is.

3. Site preparation

Material: 1, soil 2, water 3, grass seed 4, water retaining agent, binder 5, turfy soil (or rice husk, sawdust) 6, fertilizer or farmyard manure 7, non-woven

Equipment: Forklifts carrying seeding trucks (If water is not inconvenient in the working site, you need to prepare a gasoline pump or waterwheel)

Sieved soil: 20mm sieve soil. Large particles into the sowing machine will cause blocking phenomenon.

Staff: A total of 8-10 people are required.

Easy lawn hydroseeder on working
First machine add oil, water tank fill with water, add water to the hydroseeder tank. Pulls the easy lawn hydroseeder for sale near the screened soil and greening substrate. Workers use forklifts shovel the soil into the hydro seeder hopper, and put the binder, water retaining agent, rice husk, compound fertilizer into the tank.

Start the
hydro seeder machine and mixes the mixture. Start the valves and spraying soil from top to bottom. Workers can choose a reasonable spraying angle and distance according to the pressure of the seeding machine and the slope of the geological conditions to ensure that guest soil can stick to the slop.

5. Later conservation period

Cover the non-woven fabric immediately after spraying. The role of non-woven fabrics are as follows:
Reduce direct sunlight, thereby reducing the evaporation rate of water.
Prevent the surface from forming confluence when raining.

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easy lawn hydroseeder for sale


easy lawn hydroseeder




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