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Advantages of hydroSeeder 

2018-01-31 16:45:29

Leadcrete hydroSeeders is more efficient seeding than radio, or any other method to establish territory or erosion control. Leadcrete hydroSeeders 100% using hydraulic drive and mechanical impeller and liquid recycle improve loading, mixing and discharge operations.

About hydroSeeder’s advantages, we will give everybody to discuss from seven aspects.
1. Spray seeding than large, high production efficiency;
2. Hydraulic spraying machine has simple structure, less wearing parts consumption and operation cost is low;
3. Simple maintenance, use, easy to operate;
4. Lubrication system, advanced and reliable, long life;
5. A variety of spray seeding cavity type to choose from, not only strong adaptability, and application of flexible;
6. Hydraulic spraying machine USES a hydraulic protection and hydraulic chamber technology, not only a high degree of automation, but also can reduce downtime, improve work efficiency;
7. Hydraulic spray seeding function provides higher production capacity, the best afforestation effect, automatic control, and easy to work with high reliability, flexibility, create more value for users,

Leadcrete hydroSeeder is specialized in wet spray factory, the production of hydraulic spray sowing machine advanced technology, excellent quality, to use the advantage is very significant. 

Advantages of hydroSeeder

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