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Cement grouting pump for construction

2023-01-22 20:35:44

We have many different types of cement grouting pump, including piston grout pumps, plunger grout pumps, high pressure grout pumps, medium pressure grout pumps and low pressure grout pumps.
We are a professional cement grouting pump manufacturer. In the past years, we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience and can provide personalized product customization services for customers demands. 

Cement grouting pump for construction could be widely used in tunnels grouting, blocking water in mine mining face, grouting and sealing water in rock roadway and concrete shaft wall, tunnel crack, broken rock mass, reinforcement of scattered rock, anchoring, backfill grouting and prevent surface subsidence, prevent landslides, correct grouting of building deflections, etc.

LGP120/30PI-E cement grouting pump for construction is driven by electric motor, which provide power for hydraulic system. The displacement of piston pump is 120L/min. The motor power of cement grouting pump is 15Kw, its voltage are 3 phase, 380V/415V/440V, 50Hz, and cement grouting pump hydraulic system working pressure is 10Mpa. 

cement grouting pump

Working principle LGP120/30PI-E cement grouting pump:
The symmetrically designed piston pump of LGP120/30PI-E cement grouting pump for construction realizes the continuity of suction and discharge through reciprocating movement of hydraulic cylinder. At the same time, the closed cavity can generate high pressure, so that the mud can be injected with a certain pressure to complete the shotcrete action.

cement grouting pump for sale

Features of LGP120/30PI-E cement grouting pump:
1.With full hydraulic shaft device, reliable operation;
2.Compact structure, light weight, easy operate, low maintenance cost;
3.Ball valve;
4.Voltage could be customized.

cement grouting pump for construction

In addition, this LGP120/30PI-E cement grouting pump adds some new advantages:
1.Double cylinders piston pump to ensure the continuous slurry flowing (small pulse) and not easily leaking compared with the double acting piston pump. Horizontal double cylinder (old 90 pump single cylinder), the piston is changed to a more durable rubber integrated type.
2.Hydraulic system of LGP120/30PI-E grout pump is equipped with oil temperature protection system.
3.Both hydraulic air and water cooler
4.PLC and HMI control
5.Solid State Relay

Because the mud or cement used by the cement grouting pump is easy to precipitate and solidify, it should be preventively maintained before grouting, and to ensure that there is no pause during each grouting process.

Contact us for cement grouting pump price:
If you are interested in our cement grouting pump for construction, we will recommend a suitable one for you. Please help us to confirm the following points:
1. What kind of grouting project would you use a cement grouting pump?
2. What is the pressure and flow rate do you need?
3. Do you want to driven by an electric motor or a diesel engine? If you need a electric motor, what is the voltage at the construction site?
You can send your demands to our email, email address:

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